Rumer Willis Black Bikini on Vacation

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aldo-vallon - September 12, 2017

 Seeing Rumer Willis enjoying a nice day out in the Sun reminds me I am due for a vacation. City life is fun and all but it is necessary to have a change of location every now and then, it is good for ones mental health. And by scenery I am not only talking about the buildings and trees. I can enjoy a well fitting sundress along with the best of them, but sometimes all I want to see are bikini-clad honeys walking the streets, sacrificing their future skin for the perfect tan today. It is a selfless act those women perform so I feel it is my duty to make my yearly pilgrimage in order to let them know just how much I appreciate it. Tanning may not be the best thing for a persons skin, but it may serve as an effective tool for self-preservation. There is no way that Buffalo Bill is going to abduct a woman with skin that has the same color and consistency of crispy bacon. Even that man had standards. 


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News