Reed Congdon

Reed Congdon Bikini Pictures For Your Miami Barely Legal Hot Booty Needs

By my calculations, Florida based swimsuit model Reed Congdon is now eighteen years of age. I could be wrong. I do math as well as a second grader. Well, an old-school second grader, not like these No Child Left Behind second graders who have been prepping for standardized tests since they were two. The point is, my math sucks, but I believe the super fine teen Reed Congdon is now of the age when I can rightfully comment on her quite enticingly perfect and toned bikini body. A body she showed off while shooting a bikini pictorial along the beach in Miami.

Reed has yet to make a name for herself outside of some catwalk and runway type shows they put the teen girls into, but looking at her now, getting her grown’d up chops, I predict only bright things ahead for this long-haired hottie. I do suspect we will keep her on our radar. Enjoy.