Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall, Emily Watson, and Joey Lauren Adams Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


Before the big summer blockbusters start their ever earlier annual launch, it’s time to reflect upon the real reason we go to see movies or buy big HD TVs — the glorious faptastic skin shows by so many of our most sextastic celebrities. And nobody knows skin on film finer than the deviantly nice folks at Mr. Skin who put together their weekly Mr. Skin Minute video to give you a head’s up on where to get your head up in TV and movies over the weekend.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute featured Rebecca Hall not topless in the new Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence, but quite funbag flashing in Parade’s End, Emily Watson full frontal nekkid in Breaking the Waves now out on Blu-Ray, and Joey Lauren Adams and Priscilla Barnes topless in Mall Rats finally out in HD format. It’s boobtastic faptastic galore you really must quick peek. Enjoy.

(Naturally, don’t forget to get your favorite rabbit a discount priced membership to the entire Mr. Skin site and archives. It’s so much better than another ham.)

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Natalie Dormer, Rebecca Hall, and Rena Riffel Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute Topless Screencaps for September 20, 2013
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As the autumn leaves prepare to fall, there’s no time like the present to completely avoid Mother Nature’s bountiful visual show and opt into checking out tender blessed celebrity skin on the big or little screen, with an inclement forecast for such exhilarating scenes of flesh courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s MSM includes word of Natalie Dormer topless in Rush, as she has previously in The Tudors and Game of Thrones, Rebecca Hall topless on Parade’s End from the U.K., and classic throwback to the not so classic Rena Riffel topless throughout Showgirls 2.

(Naturally, don’t be the last new kid on your block to get your Ego Reader discounted membership to Mr. Skin, wherein you will find a million hours of pleasurable photo and video viewing sexperiences.)

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A Belated Shoutout to Rebecca Hall Sideboob

The Iron Man 3 premiere in The Old Country toward the end of last week were pretty uneventful, but we’d be remiss if we neglected to show you the side boob wearing top worn by underrated brunette thespianic, Rebecca Hall. We are many things, many horrible things, but never remiss!

Rebecca Hall is certain to finally break through with an American audience after her turn in the big summer blockbuster. Of course, regular Egotastic! visitors are already one step ahead. Enjoy.

Rebecca Hall Hotness Needs Far More Love

I can’t remember when I first fell in lust with Rebecca Hall. But it was confirmed when she played the distraught bank hottie in The Town. And several times since. And I’m already looking forward to her in Iron Man 3. All of which leads me to the conclusion that this serious British thespianic doesn’t receive enough attention for simply being good looking. What a shame.

But the good folks at GQ UK know better, and feature Rebecca in a tasteful (sadly) but deliciously alluring brunette hot body show that will only deepen my desire to attend some artsy play where Rebecca appears fully nekkid. I’m searching now online. For that, I would go legit theater. Enjoy.

Rebecca Hall Cleavage and Other Things to Ogle

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Olivia Munn Leads List of Well-Heeled Hotties at the Metropolitan Opera

Are you one of those guys who has a girlfriend who insists on doing these culturally significant dress-up events every now and then? You know what I’m talking about. Museums, art galleries, or watching some dude with a funky beard from Bulgaria playing classical guitar while you imagine how the event would be a bazillion times better if Angus Young arrived with his black Gibson SG and cranked on a little T.N.T. and then you accidentally fall half-asleep and drop your cucumber sandwich and your girlfriend elbows you in the side of your ill-fitting suit and gives you an evil look. Don’t you hate when that happens?

At last night’s Metropolitan Opera event, I think even I could have stayed awake given the celebrity hottie power on display, all decked out in their frocks and fineries, ready to elbow their boyfriends in the side. Former geek girl turned TV star Olivia Munn led the pack for me in terms of elegant sextastic. Oh, sure, the undressing remains the best part, but something to be said for a lady who can dominate the diamond and caviar circuit as well. Additional ogle-worthy babes included Emmy Rossum aka Emmy Awesome, underrated hottie, Rebecca Hall, veteran model, Claudia Schiffer, and Brazilian born super model, Racquel Zimmermann. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame / Splash News / / Getty Images

Rebecca Hall Is One Major Underrated Townie

Sitting through two hours of Ben Affleck and his mumbly bumbly New England accented acting in The Town was all worthwhile for some glimpses of a vastly under-appreciated celebrity hottie, Rebecca Hall. I think because she’s a serious actress from an old British dramatic lineage, she probably gets overlooked in the straight up sexy department, but no longer. These Rebecca Hall pictures sneaked from the upcoming Harpers Bazaar require you to take notice of this sexy Shakespearean. Enjoy.