Rachel Korine

Rachel Korine Topless in ‘Spring Breakers’ Redux


We got so worked up for Spring Breakers, a movie I ultimately did give a positive review, that when it was over we kind of just lost the discussion. Most of which was about who or who was not flashing their sweet bodies in that film, at least among the movie's main four female leads.

And while there was much bikini body hotness to take in from Selena Gomez, and some wicked sweet implied nekkidness and sex scenes with Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens (epic simulations), really only Rachel Korine, young wife of the film's director, ended up flashing her funbags. We never sort of brought some finality to all the long standing rumors. Now we have. And with a peek at Rachel's bare boobtastic in the movie. That's just how we roll. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Hot Body Pilates Workout By Day; Kills It At Night at ‘Spring Breakers’ Premiere

The time has come. The show of shows. The night of nights. Spring Breakers finally premieres, in Los Angeles at least, with the official premiere last night in Hollywood, bringing out all of the movie's starlets, along with some celeb friends. And while the four co-stars of Spring Breakers have spent many months now hitting the red carpet for this movie, battling each other for hottest girl of show, we really must give the trophy to Vanessa Hudgens, who earns the gold medal for her premiere line hotness. Not that our belusted Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, or Rachel Korine have disappointed. Not in the least, but Vanessa just went the extra mile. Or, the extra workout maybe, as we spotted her ripping her minxy little form to Pilates the day of the big premiere.

Hey, nobody just hands out a title like Best of Spring Breakers; you have to earn it through sweat and showing off to the nines. Vanessa, you are the winner. Enjoy.

The Girls of Spring Breakers Premiere at SXSW

The big celebrity and media confab in Austin, Texas, this week served as host to the last premiere of Spring Breakers, at least before we all here get to see it on Friday, and despite Vanessa Hudgens missing from the quartet, Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine, and Ashley Benson held down the hottie fort rather well, with an easy cleavage win for Selena in our estimation.

While we were invited to an early screening of the film, we are holding off until it's open to the general public on Friday; because, after all, we are nothing if not the general public. And we'd like to objectively evaluate this baby we've been waiting nine months to be born. Though, that doesn't mean we won't be lurking in the very back row of the theater, just in case the film lives up to its teasy promise. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Is Not Topless in ‘Spring Breakers’, But Rachel Korine Is


Despite swirls and swells about the Internet of the above picture depicting Vanessa Hudgens snorting lines of coke off of the bare chest of a topless Selena Gomez for a scene in Spring Breakers, well, you know how these rumors get started. This MIGHT actually be from on the set of Spring Breakers, but, sadly, this is not Selena Gomez laying topless across the bed. Glory be the day our blessed Latina diva does finally whip off her bikini top for a heavenly flash of her nubile puckers, we'd probably die. But, we're still alive, that's how we know it's not her (among other reasons).

Having said that, since many of you have following for the director's wife, Rachel Korine, in the past few months of sneak peeks, well, you'll be happy to know that Rachel Korine is indeed topless in this film. It's brief, but it sure does seem to be here unless there's a maniacal slight of hand going on here, and if you know the Korines, Harmony and wife, you know they are not shy people when it comes to artistic exhibition. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Wins the Madrid Round of the ‘Spring Breakers’ Euro Movie Premieres

I guess you could call it all even now. For those keeping score, Ashley Benson took the Parisian movie premiere with her cleavage reveal, Selena Gomez did similar for Munich with her pushed up puppies, and since we give special award to Rachel Korine for her bare butt flash on the French balcony when the foursome arrive in Europe, Vanessa Hudgens winning hottie of the night for the Spring Breakers movie premiere in Madrid, gives each of the girls a sextastic win in their current Western European promotional tour around the movie.

And the win was not really even close in Madrid. Vanessa just looked absolutely smoking hot, a little midriff skin, chesty, just oozing with ridiculous good looks as she must have known she was out-shining her co-stars on the Spanish red carpet.

These Spring Breakers premieres have really been an unexpected blessing in the visuals gift department.

Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine Bring Out the Cleavage and Sideboob for ‘Spring Breakers’ in Paris

Moved from their Parisian balcony to a Paris cinema for the premiere of Spring Breakers, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine went deep into boobtastic battle in the fashion capital of the world (I have no idea if that's true or not, I just always wanted to write it), with Rachel, Ashley, and Vanessa going for the traditional cleave peeks, while Selena chose a more hip sideboob glancing frock. The whole was truly greater than the sum of its parts with these four kit-cats vying to be the top dog on the red carpet of yet another Spring Breakers event.

They've been working out, stretching, preening, and trying on gowns, because the major league red carpet showdowns between co-stars turned attention seekers is lining up to be perhaps even more epic than the movie itself. Enjoy.

Rachel Korine Butt Cheek Flash Highlights the Spring Breakers Girls’ Parisian Balcony Apperance

I suppose I take offense that Spring Breakers will be opening up in French theaters before the U.S., but such is the strange distribution pattern of a film we've been dying to see for almost a year now. To promote their film release in Gaul, the four starlets, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine, took to Paris over the weekend for a promotional tour to get the people of France to come see them in their bikinis.

And while we generally were excited to all see four girls together again doing their coquettish waves and heart-hand shapes from a dramatic balcony scene, co-star Rachel Korine did kick up the visuals another notch with her butt cheek flash beneath her short leather skirt. Not all we have dreamed of, but certainly a nice kicker to our wake time fantasies.

And to honor the promotional machine that is Spring Breakers, we've assembled fifteen of our favorite Spring Breakers 'leaked' promotional photos, leading to our general anxiety regarding living long enough to actually see this movie. Enjoy.