Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof Topless Bikini Pictures Create Waves Off the Spanish Coast

Pixie Geldof Goes Topless While Swimming in Ibiza
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Well, hello Little Pixie Geldof, and good on you for taking in the true spirit of the Ibiza beaches and taking off your top to let the sun’s rays bear down upon your topless 21-year old body.

The young model and youngest daughter of Sir Robert Geldof, our favorite Boomtown Rat, took to the Spanish resort beaches and did not hesitate to drop her top and flash her au natural pert little pair. Rather refreshing really to get out of Hollywood and see some Mother Nature made mammaries. So refreshing that I’m sweating up a storm. Enjoy.


I Do Like Mondays, When the Geldoff Sisters Are Flashing Braless Sideboob and Upskirts

Oh, Peaches Geldof and Pixie Geldof, how you two little musical Sir saplings have come of age so quickly; wasn’t it just yesterday you were falling down drunk and sloppy and creating havoc at party spots around the globe? Well, yes, it was kind of just yesterday. But the sisterly scions of musician turned humanitarian, Sir Bob Geldof, got all prim and proper, well, as best possible, for London Fashion Week over the weekend, of course, not that au natural Pixie could see fit to wear a bra, or Peaches find a dress with a hemline an inch below her fault line to hide her front row panties, but, then ogle we must these bemusing sisters. Ogle, and enjoy.