Patricia Heaton

59th Annual Emmy Awards Mega Picture Post

Another year, another Emmy Awards ceremony, and another boring night spent in front of the TV. I really wish they’d outlaw award shows, instead of using the annual circle-jerk as a pathetic excuse to promote the new shows of the fall season.

At least there is the benefit of seeing all the most beautiful actresses getting dolled up for the night, even if they’re mostly nipped, tucked, botoxed and fried to within an inch of actually being considered human.

Not too many standouts this year, aside from maybe the girls from Heroes. Ali Larter and Kristen Bell were stunning as always, but what the hell Hayden Panettiere thought she was doing in that taupe tent of a dress she was wearing is beyond me. On the flip side, Eva Longoria‘s ass was looking particularly booty-licious.

Anyways, you can check out all of the nearly 200 pictures after the jump.

I See Patricia Heaton’s Nipple


I see Patricia Heaton’s nipple. Do I want to see Patricia Heaton’s nipple? Probably not, but there it is.

Heaton was at the premiere for Wicked, where the red carpet flash bulbs revealed a lot more than the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

So, are these pictures sexy? Not really, but at least her boobs haven’t hit the floor yet. Though, I’m pretty sure that’s through the aid of surgery.