Olcay Gulsen

Olcay Gulsen Drops a Double Dutch Treat of Two Bikinis in Miami Over the Christmas Holiday

We really do have a secret lust crush on Kurdish-Dutch fashion designer Olcay Gulsen who loves to bring her tasty bikini bottom to Miami about thrice a year to put on a memorably hot display of foreign hottie goodness.

Olcay recently divorced her Dutch soccer legend fiance or something, Edgar Davids, which makes her single in my book, and more than ready to mingle by the looks of not one, but two ridiculously sweet bikinis over the Christmas holiday, leaving us unusually speechless. Hey, we don’t talk in museums and we don’t talk when we see beautiful works of art prancing about the beach either. We are gentlemen, after all. Slightly disturbed, but polite just the same. Enjoy.

Olcay Gulsen White Pattern Bikini Pictures from Christmas on Miami Beach

Olcay Gulsen Bikini Pictures Deliver More Soccer WAG Heat in Miami

Engaged is the new married these days in the celebrity world, so let’s say fashion designing businesswoman and all-around WAG hottie Olcay Gulsen is pretty much tied down with Dutch soccer legend, Edgar Davids, and let’s say she tied us in knots the past few days in Miami, exhibiting multiple displays of bikini hotness, in red and white.

Now, we could argue til the sweet milk cows come home over which sports’ athletes get the hottest women, or we could just cut the debate and ogle them all. Enjoy.

Olcay Gulsen in White Tiny Bikini at the Beach

Olcay Gulsen Bikini Pictures Continue to Flash the Footballer WAG Goods

The fiance of Dutch soccer legend, Edgar Davids, seemed to cause some perma-longing in the loins of many foot-only sports fans because we did receive mega requests for more hot shots of Olcay Gulsen, the owner of the SuperTrash fashion line and current hot bodied bikini exhibitionist.

Olcay continued her Miami heat bikini run last week with an animal skin number that brought out the beast in many oglers across the beach, causing us to wonder whether or not we bestow hottest Kursdish female honors upon Olcay now, or wait for other entrants to step forward. Enjoy.

Sara Biabiany vs. Olcay Gulsen in Holiday Vacation Bikini Battle

WAG on WAG Hotness

We love it when a good Wife and Girlfriend battle ensues. Okay, not technically head to head, but body to body, as both Olcay Gulsen, the sweet looking fiance of retired Dutch soccer legend, Edgar Davids flashed her bodily wares in the South of Florida, while a recently announced with-child Sara Biabiany, wife of French footballer Jonathan Biabiany (now playing for Parma), took her ample bikini bosom for a show off in Barbados. 

As always, you make the call. Two hot WAGs. Bikinis. Christmas holidays. Enjoy.

Olcay Gulsen Bikini Pictures for WAG Exhibition