Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed Is Single and Sweaty and Tank Top Ready

Nikki Reed sadly has parted ways with that contestant from American Idol she was married to for the standard celebrity marriage lifespan of under three years. Now that she is single once more, it’s time for Nikki to get back into single girl shape. Not that she ever let herself go in her young marriage, albeit, I packed on ten more lbs. myself since she got hitched, but single girl shape still demands a higher standard. From the looks of Nikki in her tank top and tights sweating outside the gym, she’s headed in the very right direction.

I can’t imagine she’ll be single for very long. Maybe just enough for a few magazine articles about single life and dating life and how hard it is to be a 20-something in Hollywood and single and all that nonsense that makes her relatable. Meanwhile, she’ll have tons of guys begging to be her divorce rebound. I’ll be in that line, I’ll report back. Enjoy.

Nikki Reed Flashes Camel Toe and Booty For More Points on the Yoga Pants Scoreboard

If you’re the right kind of respectful, and just a little bit lucky, stretch pants will give you the double whammy of both cleavy camel toe and tightly highlighted booty cheeks from some of your favorite sextastic celebrities in one fell swoop. It’s like discovering that your most useful tool suddenly has yet another utility. That beer suddenly builds muscles. That’s how awesome the yoga pants craze has been for the gentleman ogler.

Take for instance, Twilight hottie Nikki Reed. I guess she’s also a singer now that she married the guy from American Idol. What I do know is Nikki likes to be sleeky and smooth when she works out, some nice skintight spandex will do. And do for us a pleasant peek at Nikki’s puffy pastry and on the backside, some rather nicely toned buttockal cheeks. I’d call this a win win. Or, in layman’s terms, two sides of the coin I will never have. Oh, sad. But also blessed! Enjoy.

Twilight Is Here! He Said With a Smirk (Well, At Least The Hotties Came Out for the Premiere)

I’m told this is the end of the Twilight Saga, the pornucopia of cinematic fare that has stimulated the libidinal parts of the fairer gender, young and old, with its incredibly romantic vision of Goth vampires from the Pacific Northwest, like so many flannel-clad vegan protestors outside a Starbucks, thirsty for blood, or, pumpkin-spiced lattes.

While it’s easy to mock the craptastic vamp trail that has been Twilight, there’s no doubt that the film series has introduced us to a treasure trove of hotties, for whom we are thankful in this giving of thanks season, and many of whom were in attendance at the L.A. premiere of the Breaking Dawn 2 finale last night, including Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and Kristen Stewart, who along with Ashley Tisdale and Teresa Palmer, stole the show on the big production red carpet. Looking at all these lovely ladies it wasn’t hard to imagine a little serious sucking going on. Enjoy.

Nikki Reed Playing Drunken Party Girl With Upskirts in Short Leather Skirt in ‘Empire State’

We’ve always been Nikki Reed fans. One of the few highlights to come out of the Twilight movie series. The striking hot young actress is now filming Empire State in the Empire State and from what we can tell of her partied-hard look in a short black nearly-nice-revealing black leather skirt, she plays some kind of bedraggled party girl, looking exactly like I imagine she would look leaving my apartment after a long night of biting her way through my Boy Scout rope ties. Enjoy.

Nikki Reed and Miley Cyrus Twin Sweaty Workouts

Here’s my pet peeve. I spend days on end drilling holes in the walls of gymnasiums only to learn that the sexy celebrities shower at home. My drill bit doth weep.

Miley Cyrus and Nikki Reed are two typical hottie celebs who do the public gym thing, which means hot sweaty Pilates workouts in stretchy tight clothing, followed by a sweaty departure from the facilities with $5K designer handbags in hand. Yet, knowing they are not stripping down in the big morass of female dripping sweat lodge in the women’s locker room, that leaves me feeling a little empty. And my peep hole a little unpeeped. Sadly.

Nikki Reed Workout in Studio City

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