Nicky Whelan

Nicky Whelan Flashes Cleavage and Panties-Clad Boot-ay in ‘Workaholics’ (VIDEO)

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Yes, that is Nicky Whelan asstastic right there. Body double? Take a look at the amazing butt side of the sextastic Aussie actress and you will see for yourself. The superbly hot Nicky Whelan took a nice bend and spill role on the Comedy Central show, Workaholics, this season, including these magical moments from a recent episode.

Nicky Whelan is more than just a ridiculously amazing body. But if she were just that, it'd still be more than enough. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Movie Roundup Features Carla Gugino, Nicky Whelan, and Laura Ramsey (VIDEO)


Blessed be the end of this week, the last full week of Spring, the time before the Summer of wardrobe malfunctions, and blessed be our friends at Mr. Skin and their Mr. Skin Minute for previewing this week's must-see-fleshtastic DVD releases.

This week's min-of-skin includes a black and white and hot all over Carla Gugino, the at-home-movie release of Nicky Whelan boobtastic, and newcomer Laura Ramsey in an Irish flash that is truly rack-inspiring.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Leads Gaggle of Sexy Celebs at Maxim Hot 100 Party

First you name the list of hotties, then you invite them all to a party. Well, most of them, I mean, you can't just fill a room with 100 of the world's hottest women, except in the Matrix like reaches of REM sleep male libido. But a good number showed up last night for the Maxim Hot 100 party in Los Angeles where the super sexy mixed with the B-level male celebrities in an uncomfortable mix of Hollywood caste system reality (you see, the talent pool stretches so deep here in Tinsel Town, hotness alone simply does not buy you into movie star land). Neverthless, hotness does buy you a ticket into full exposure on Egotastic!, so the world's gentlemen oglers can appreciate the celebrity fineries on display last evening.

Of course, let by this year's Maxim sexiest winner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the Hot 100 party also contained the eye-popping likes of Olivia Munn, Keri Hilson, Dania Ramirez, Joanna Krupa, Nicky Whelan, Jaime Alexander, Alessandra Torresani (now a blonde), Arianny Celeste, Rebecca Mader, and Sophie Monk. Now, that's a hot-tub full of hotness I'd like to mulder in. Enjoy.

Nicky Whelan Topless in Hall Pass (VIDEO)


Nicky Whelan topless. It's finally here. We've been having a brief, but torrid love affair with this Aussie blonde bombshell the past couple of weeks just waiting the arrival of her glorious funbags, put on exhibit in Hall Pass, a movie for which if you can get past ninety minutes of Owen Wilson and his distracting nasal bump, you will be rewarded with a scrumptious bit of Nicky Whelan boobtastic that is sure to deposit a pleasant memory into your tug vault. Oh, joyous day. Enjoy.

By Popular Demand: Nicky Whelan See-Through Bikini Pictures To Awake Your Inner Weasel


Wow, we got way overloaded with literally moist mail from the Egotastic! nation asking to see more of the super sexy Aussie Nicky Whelan while we await her topless pictures from Hall Pass. And, a million and one members of the drool-for-Nicky army insisting that this classic see-through bikini photoshoot for Wicked Weasel teeny weeny bikini company is the previous high bar of hotness for this blonde bombshell. I'm certainly not going to argue otherwise, not while employing the amazing properties of H20 to see some sweet Whelan nipples and Down Under lady parts. Wow. Wicked Weasel indeed. I'm in lust. Enjoy.

Nicky Whelan Sexy Pictures to Keep Cool (or Hot) While Waiting for Hall Pass

Saw Hall Pass. All I can say is, well, the movie is outrageously good for about twenty seconds, twenty seconds of topless Nicky Whelan, the sexy Down Under actress from Aussie television hit, Neighbours who flashes her sweet sweet wallabies finally at the tail end of Hall Pass. I'm going to leave it to others to decide if it's worth the ninety minute wait. But, while we impatiently await the time when we can bring you this glorious cinematic moment, oh, whet your appetite for Nicky Whelan a bit further with just about the sexiest ballerina pictures you shall ever feast your peepers upon. Hang in there. And, enjoy.