Nicky Whelan Booty Peeks in Lace Thong

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bill-swift - March 26, 2016

I feel like we haven't seen Nicky Whelan in just about forever. The Aussie soap star and occasional super hot boobtastic starlet of movies is the kind of girl you see, promise you'll never forget, forget, then see her again in booty baring lingerie and kick yourself for ever forgetting. I chose shin. It hurt, but a solid reminder that even in the blessed land Down Under girls like Nicky don't just grow on trees. Though if they did, I'd buy a dozen seedlings and nurture them in my backyard with my every last breath.

Featured in GoSee magazine this month, Nicky makes a comeback of sorts using part of that sextastic body that got her to the top in the first place, that beautiful sculpted perfect tight booty. There may be nothing hotter than a woman with a sweet thumper in a black lace thong. Save for perhaps that same woman in that thong laying topless on a fur rug. I'd give my own hide just to have Nicky Whelan lay naked upon my former body. I'm never forgetting you again, Nicky. Promise. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: GoSee Magazine