Nena Ristic

READER FINDS: Elle Macpherson Wicked Hot, Winona Ryder Unusually Topless, Brooklyn Decker Camel Toe, and Much Much More…

Angelina Jolie Topless with a Horse Photoshoot
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Oh, blessed wicked Fridays. How we embrace you as an infant embraces a breast swollen with nourishment, an end of the work week suckle on the teat of weekend freedom. And, better yet, the day we come together as an Egotastic! family and break the proverbial boobtastic bread in our weekly edition of Reader Finds, where you the citizen, control the DD-ebate.

This week’s Reader Finds offers up some classic bodies revealed, as well as some newcomer bodies exhibited, in a blend of celebrity sextastic, including Elle Macpherson wicked hot in a classic hot mom photoshoot, Angelina Jolie in an HQ rendition of her memorable topless with horses photoshoot, statuesque Brooklyn Decker looking camel-toe-alicious, teen princess Ariana Grande sexy in a bathtub,  sweet hot Euro-model Nena Ristic topless behind the scenes of a photoshoot, Winona Ryder only known topless movie scene, LeeLee Sobieski and Tricia Helfer in some dominatrix get ups, DWTS dancer Peta Murgatroyd in a sexy bikini, Sophie Howard with her bikini fallen off, and young newcomer Indiana Evans in some clips from her Aussie soapy goodness. Check it out.

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READER FINDS: Kendall Jenner Stripper Pole, Lea Seydoux Topless, Rihanna Nipple Ring, Lucy Collett Nekkid, and Much More…

Welcome to the Kardashians!

The first Reader Finds of 2012, and what a way to kick it off. Our best-on-the-net viewers have joined forces like the Wonder Twins activating to present a cornucopia of celebrity T&A the likes of which exists nowhere else in cyberspace. This is exactly why the Internet was invented.

Today’s Reader Finds includes an unexpected twist of young Kendall Jenner on the stripper pole, a topless pic of current Mission Impossible hottie, Lea Seydoux, as anticipated, another hot set of Page 3 Idol Winner Lucy Collett nekkid, Sara Jean Underwood without any clothes, a shot of what looks to be Rihanna with a new nipple ring, hot Euro model Nina Restic topless on her balcony, Lara Bingle in a sexy bikini swimsuit photoshoot, Teri Hatcher in a classic Lois upskirt, and Johanna Lundback in more see-through lingerie. Quite a collection indeed.

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Claudia Galanti, Natalia Bush, and Nena Ristic Form a Mega-Trifecta of Bikini Hotness over Christmas

Talk about your Santa-tastic overloads. There’s got to be some type of conspiracy laws against so many super hot models dropping bikini madness on one beach at one time, the ogling gentleman has only so many eyes to use at one time to leer. Ocular damage seems near certain.

Sextastic Paraguayan model Claudia Galanti, was joined by her two ridiculously hot model friends, Tenerife native and blonde delicious Natalia Bush, along with Yugoslavian turned Swiss uber-body model, Nena Ristic, all three forming some type of super model U.N on Miami Beach on the Christmas weekend, seeing who’s body was hot enough to make it rain. It was a rough day for the Speedo wearing set along the beach as these three bikini-barbarians strutted from shore to sea, and back again, with various types of stimulating bends, peeks, and butt shots, on the order of the immeasurable. Now this is the way to celebrate the holidays. Enjoy.

Nena Ristic Bikini Pictures for a Hot Bodied Introduction