Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia Sizzles Bollywood Style in Maxim

Somehow there seems to be massive controversy every time a Bollywood starlet poses skin-showing in a magazine. For a country of 900 million people, err, 1 billion, err, updated, 1.27 billion people, which pretty much means nonstop making of the sexy, day and night, rainy season and dry season, they are awfully prudish sounding in public.

Thankfully, nobody stopped beauty queen and actress Neha Dhupia from appearing in Maxim India, because that would have been a tremendous loss for all of us. So wicked and delicious like so many of these Indian actresses. We really do need to investigate further. Make a trek to India and see if we can’t top off that population figure at 1.30 billion by the time we leave town. Enjoy.

Neha Dhupia Helps Us Salute Bollywood, Egotastic! Style

Well, I may only be semi-literate, but I do read most of your emails most of the time, and we do get so many requests for a plentiful smidgeon of coverage of Bollywood celebrity hotness, which leads us quite nicely into this month’s FHM India which features sub-continent actress sensation and all around sextastic Neha Dhupia, whose relative modesty is societally indicated down India way, but who we can only surmise (and pray) has the simmerings of a naughty femme fatale deep beneath those dark sultry eyes of hers. Oh, my. Enjoy.