Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge Is Still Boobylicious In Hawaii

Natasha Henstridge showed off those legendary knockers in a green bikini in Hawaii. The actress and former model wore a bikini that was trying as hard as it could to contain her gargantuan funbags. It failed. Natasha is busting out all over the place. There is sideboob, underboob, and lots of cleavage. Those things are magnificent. Plaster molds of them belong in the booby hall of fame. Yes, I know there is no such thing as a booby hall of fame but I’m going to start a Kickstarter campaign to start one. I also quite enjoy Natasha’s curvy thighs and hips. I like a woman with some curves, which is why I always liked Natasha back in the day.

I remember going to see Species in the theaters with my friends when we were in high school. After the movie was over, we had to sit for a while. You know, so things could calm down before we could leave.

READER FINDS: Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wives All Topless, Brooke Burke Covered Topless, Sherlyn Chopra Breaking Indian Rules for Playboy, and Much Much More…

Natasha Henstridge in Jonathan Glynn Bikini Photoshoot
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This is it. The coup de grace. The big windup. The Reader Finds to end all Reader Finds (perish the thought!).

This week’s communal outpouring of deliciously perverted visuals really does take the cake, pulls its top off, ogles it, and then covers it in sticky icing, all in bulk size as this is the largest ever edition of Reader Finds since it’s inception in 1912 in the backroom of an olive oil import shop in Brooklyn. You could spend a day with this photo gallery and still not manage to explore its every secret adventure, like visiting Disney World, you’ve got to go for the 2-day pass.

This week’s Reader Finds include a topless look at all three now ex-wives of Tom Cruise — Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, and Mimi Rogers, hot bikin photoshoot of Natasha Henstridge, Phoebe Tonkin sexy in snaps, Patricia Beckwicked hot in lingerie, Lacey Banghard in one of her Page 3 Idol contestant shoots, a quick hot shot of the funbags of Lucy Pinder, Brooke Burke covered topless in major league hot photoshoot, Rosie Jones in some barely legal calendar shots, fashion model Amy Hixson artistically nekkid, Erika Mitdank in some silly funbag explosive pics, Lauren Pope topless on TV, Dawn Oliveri see-through on the pages of a magazine, Kate Upton see-through, Lindsay Vonn see-through, Anne-Sophie Francke flashing her beautiful melons, Alyssa Campanella covered topless on Twitter, Sasha Strunin hot blonde and barely clad, Sherlyn Chopra topless prepping for her Playboy shoot, and a full motion look at Laura Prepon topless.

Wow, I need to catch my breath and change my shorts.


Young Hottie Phoebe Tonkin Looks Ready to Flash Her Secret Circle

Say hello (and happy 22nd birthday) to Aussie actress Phoebe Tonkin. I highly suspect you’re going to be seeing much more of this hot young brunette on here in the coming months. Our friends from Down Under will know Phoebe from some kids show in the Aussie homeland where she plays a mermaid you’d most like to skinny dip with. Now, she’s landed in Vancouver, Canada, which can mean only one thing — another CW show. This time, Kevin Williamson’s latest, The Secret Circle, where Phoebe Tonkin will play a young hottie witch (her mother played by Natasha Henstridge — this could be epic)

Phoebe Tonkin, welcome to Egotastic! This is most definitely the start of a beautiful relationship. Enjoy.

Natasha Henstridge Continues the Bikini Trend

So, you may have noticed a little trend with the content of the site lately. It has a little something to do with sexy celebrities, and very little swimwear. I think it works. And from the feedback I’ve been getting, you do too. So in keeping with this paticular theme, here are some Natasha Henstridge bikini pictures, from some event sponsored by a mobile phone company. Now that’s news!