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READER FINDS: Naomi Watts Pole Dancing, Chrissy Teigen Boob Slip, Natasha Alam Tied Up And Topless and Much Much More…

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Once more, despite technical obstacles, the blessed many of you have shared some of your most skin-filled blessed discoveries with the rest of us worthies and not worthies alike. The cultural communal understanding formally trademark in 1917 as Reader Finds. Occasionally controversial, always filled with celebrity skin of the must-see variety. Think of it as your best source for pure repentant visual joy.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Naomi Watts hot blonde pole dancing (thanks to EgoReader ‘Marco’ for his submission’), the boobtastic Sammy Braddy in some killer reveals in Zoo magazine (kudos to ‘Tony S.’), Penelope Cruz decidedly topless and skinematic (I do so amor Penelope, thanks ‘Aaron’), Nina Moric topless funbag inspection on Italian telly (dropped off by ‘Stephen T.’), Natasha Alam in her memorable vampiric topless scenes (luscious Alam lovelies via ‘Darren’), Melanie Thierry in French exhibitionism of the ta-ta variety (mon dieu! by way of ‘Alexander’), Maud Le Fort topless modeling goodness (love my new French model girlfriend, thanks ‘Renee’), Mary Louise Parker full frontal and rear-al beauty (veteran hottie sextacular delivered by ‘Thomas’), Maria Kooistra topless fun times on the silver screen (oh, foreign girls with their clothes off via ‘Delaney’), ginger treat Leanna Decker topless gorgeous model shots (much shoutouts to ‘Geoff’), Hailee Steinfeld growing up nicely pictorial (an unexpected treat from ‘Trey W.’), the smoking hot Latina Elba Jimenez topless in Playboy Mexico (holy guacamole goodness from ‘Owen’), more Latina blessed sights from topless Diana Gomez (just faptastical bits of heaven via ‘Lee’), and last but not least, Chrissy Teigen with a sudsy boobtastic slip in her new GQ photoshoot. It’s a lot, but I suppose never enough. There’s always room for Jell-O. Enjoy.

The 2012 Maxim Calendar Presents a Random Assortment of Celebrity Hotness

A hodgepodge of hotness if you will. Ranging from Dania Ramirez right on down to Kesha. And, that is quite a range. Nevertheless, the boys at Maxim never seem to disappoint in the hot girl department, so you can count on a more than decent 2012 Calendar. You could find worse ways to measure your days.

Check out the likes of Dania Ramirez, Arianny Celeste, and Kylie Bisutti in little bikinis and skimpy things. Enjoy.

Natasha Alam Commando at the Human Rights Campaign?

Okay, I’m going to lay it out there: Natasha Alam is going commando at the Human Rights Campaign event. Oh, I’m not 100% certain, but my Spidey senses tell me that this super hot Russian-American model and True Blood hottie is sans undergarments in this slinky little number; and, further, I would suggest that super sexy Natasha Alam without panties is probably the most fundamental right of all. Enjoy.

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10 Sexy Celebrities We Added to the Egotastic! Family in 2010 I Can’t Wait to See More of in 2011


Gretchen shook me awake this morning atop the office couch with a six-fingered slap to the face. She was alarmed that I’d yet to put up a Top 10 list of 2010 of some kind for the final day of the year. I don’t really like Top 10 lists so much, everybody does them, some are good, but, you know, I’m a forward looking guy. So, she said, that’s it. Be forward looking. Make a list of newly introduced Egotastic! sexy celebrities in 2010 that you expect to be even hotter in 2011. Well, thank God for Gretchen who does most of my thinking on days when I’m hungover (or thinking about becoming hungover).

Herein is my list of 10 hotties, unranked (I can’t possibly favor one over another) we added to the ranks in 2010 that I can’t wait to see more of in 2011. I’ve included all new pictures and videos of these sexy celebrities, because, well, this is Egotastic!

Mind you, this is an abridged list. Which basically means I’m too lazy to make a complete list and ten is enough, though the list could be much longer (so do not fret if you don’t see one of your new favorites, only the sexy celebrities make the site in the first place and they’ll all be back in 2011). Enjoy.


Stunning beauty who turns 18 in February of the coming year. Let us pray she goes all Miley.


I can’t possibly compile a list of new sextastic celebrities without a shoutout to my unknowing future bride, not so long as I can pretend she keeps sending me wedding night costume ideas.


How I Met Cobie Smulders. She was long overdue to make the site in 2010. I’m crossing my fingers for some R-rated content in 2011.

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Natasha Alam Behind the Scenes FHM Photoshoot For the Nipple Peeking Win (VIDEO)


Remember that amazingly sexy photoshoot from FHM October with the hottie vampire girls? Well, here’s the behind the scenes video from the photoshoot with perhaps my favorite TV bloodsucker, Natasha Alam, mega Transylvanian sexy bomb. Enjoy.

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Diora Baird, Natasha Alam, and Christian Serratos: FHM Hottie Vamps (VIDEO)

I had this recurring dream during my third year of college; in this frightening nocturnal picture show, I would be laying in bed, unbound but unable to move, while some vampiric beast was sucking the blood from my body until I literally withered lifeless. Every night, for almost three months straight, I had this horrific night vision. One evening, the dream became so intense, I startled awake, and, there, standing next to my bed, holding a freshly drawn pint of my precious AB+, was my broke-ass roommate, Tully Ugoretz. That motherfucker was stealing my blood to sell for weed money!

This new movie and television vampire craze perturbed me greatly until I came upon those wicked hot she-vamps in True Blood and Twilight, who our friends at FHM put together this month in a bloody sextastic photospread, including these Diora Baird, Natasha Alam, and Christian Serratos sexy lingerie pictures. To ask which of these deliciously fanged-babes is the absolute sexiest sucker is a question worthy of a delightful, no-wrong answer type debate. Feel free to engage, and, enjoy.

FHM, bless their hottie-loving hearts, put together a brief promo clip featuring Diora Baird all (covered) nude and having her picture taken.

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Natasha Alam Naughty Lingerie Pictures Are Drop Dead Gorgeous

Welcome to the wonderful world of Egotastic! to Natasha Alam, the super sexy Russian born actress who I first remember seeing on Entourage, though most know her from Maxim or her current appearances on True Blood, that steamy vampire thingamabob. Natasha Alam show off her credentials here on the set of her current movie, Drop Dead Gorgeous, where I have no idea what she plays, but she does it while stripping down to her bra and panties and revealing her amazing body, not to mention getting rather naughty action in here scenes. Now, this is the way to introduce yourself. Enjoy.

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