Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan The Sexiest Woman And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Michelle Keegan was named the sexiest woman in the world by FMH Magazine. (Huffington Post)

Courtney Stodden sex tape? (TMZ)

Sonya Gorelova shows off her ass for Vogue Spain. (Drunken Stepfather)

Dakota Fanning is all grown up and leggy as hell. (Popoholic)

Kelly Brook wears a metal mesh bikini. (The Superficial)

The Chive sponsors a Texas art competition. (The Chive)

Lindsey Pelas is sexy in slo-mo on Instagram. (COED)

Michelle Keegan Accidentally Instagrams Her Bare Boobs… Maybe

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(Thanks to a bunch of you for simultaneously head’sing us up on Michelle’s Instagram.)

Well, here’s the maybe picture of Michelle Keegan creating a big buzz on the interwebs. I’d ask you to decide for yourself, but unless you’ve seen the British soap stats big bazoongas bare before, it’d be tough to have a frame of reference. We know they’re big and beautiful, but that’s about the full extent.

Anyhow, this ‘self-pic’ went up very very momentarily on Michelle Keegan’s Instagram account before being removed. Either (a) it was a hacker, but probably not since why would they remove it suddenly, (b) it’s Michelle playing a joke and it’s not really her, which Michelle is or will be claiming shortly, or (c) those are the marvelous funbags of the Coronation Street hottie. I choose to believe in (c), but I’m an optimist. A very horny optimist. Enjoy.

Michelle Keegan Fine, Faptastic, and Fabulous in Wet Hot Swimsuit Pictures

I know some of you snicker when I talk about watching soap operas from around the world. Oh, yeah, I hear you. I’m like Superman when it comes to ridicule, I can hear snide remarks pretty much around the globe. I think it comes from my old man whispering derogatory comments into my ear as an infant. He did like to start the self-esteem bashing early. But, the point is, I hear the chuckles die down whenever I show you exactly what you just might be missing on the soapy telly.

Michelle Keegan for instance. All you Brits know her well, from Coronation Street and from your nightly fantasies that your wife or girlfriend or local do-gooding nun would slap you upside the head for if they could read your mind. Michelle Keegan is all kinds of wicked hot-bodied ripe and delicious, as evidenced most recently by her wet hot British summer swimsuit spread in Fabulous magazine. It’s like she’s talking to us through her body and she’s saying something like ‘ogle me closely and we’ll both feel naughty together.’ At least, that’s what I’m hearing when I look. Enjoy.


FHM 2011 Calendar Reminds Us of a Past Year of Hotness

As we head toward the end of 2010, the 2011 FHM calendar is a great reminder of some of the hotness from this past year, more specifically, the best of the FHM magazine picture sets from this past season. Leading with this past January photos of the super sexy Rachel Stevens, and picking up lust-speed with the likes or Olivia Munn, Kelly Brook, Audrina Patridge, Diora Baird, Frankie Sandford, Marisa Miller, and Michelle Keegan, well, it’s been a wonderful year of sextastic celebrity on the British lads magazine. Really some of my favorite shots of this past year. Now, I’m making myself tear up a bit. This always happens around the holidays for me, just thinking of the amazingly hot women we’re all going to see in the coming year, each year just gets better and better. Enjoy.

See more of Rachel Stevens and other cover girls at FHM.com.

Michelle Keegan Pictures in FHM Are Like a Road Map to Hotness

Say hello to Michelle Keegan. Of course, every British sexy celeb ogler knows this hot young actress well from soapy drama, Coronation Street, for which she won this year’s Sexiest Actress title at the British Soap Awards (that’s a thing right there). But, see for yourself newcomers in her spread for FHM magazine if you agree with her crowning. Personally, not going out on a limb here, I think I very much like the look and feel (if only) of this sexy young actress. I’d like to see her in more roles, less clothes. One can only hope she doesn’t take her commercial aspirations so seriously that she forgets her artistic mission, a mission to be as naked in as many movies as possible. Enjoy.

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Michelle Keegan Bikini Pictures

I had never heard of Michelle Keegan before today, but after seeing these Michelle Keegan bikini pictures, I wish I had. According to Wikipedia, Michelle is a 22-year-old award-winning actress best known for her role on the long-running British series Coronation street. So hot and talented? Sounds good to me. All I know is she’s retardedly hot.