Michea Crawford

Michea Crawford Strikes Out Alluringly, Sparing Us No Sextastic (Get It? Bowling Time!)

Okay, look, my job is easy, but not that easy. I do occasionally need to make horrible puns and I do often need to stare at beautiful half-nekkid women all day long. Okay, it’s pretty easy. But when I see the likes of Michea Crawford modeling lingerie in a bowling alley, don’t think I don’t get the itch to bolt out of this office and grab my 16-pound blue betty and hit the lanes. At least, I think that’s what that itch indicates. I should probably see a doctor.

Michea Crawford and her brunette lusciousness took to the turkey shoot for another day of pimping the Bestform lingerie line. If Bestform refers to the ridiculously hot body of Michea, I’d call it very aptly name. Your results may vary, as they say in many disclaimers. The very thought of bowling with a sextastic hot model in lingerie is actually now making me weak in the knees. I’m going to need more rosin! Enjoy.

Michea Crawford Smoking Hot in Bestform Lingerie

You may recall Michea Crawford from that epic squash court short form video. Or now you can recall her as the super hottie in the lingerie pimping all kinds of lace and silk and sextastic. There’s just something about this Michea lovely lady that exudes all kinds of alluring midichlorians or pheromones or something that makes me feel like I’m super hungry but I don’t want food. That’s the mark of an Egotastic! winner.

In a more enlightened society all women would wear lingerie about and we would name the most passion inducing our queen and leader. You might not agree with her policies, but you’d always approve of her positions. I don’t want to shake up society that much, but this little change will improve lives. Enjoy.

Michea Crawford Swimsuit Pictures Reveal One Super Fine Looking Canuckian Beauty

For all the easy jokes we drop on Canada, and they stil must take responsibility for Justin Bieber, the number of wicked hot celebrities and models from that fair neighbor nation to the north just keeps on multiplying by factors of two hot funbags.

Take for instance ridiculously hot Michea Crawford, featured here in her new Pain de Sucre Swimwear pictorial. Hotter than a slice of back bacon right off the stove top. And, thing things we would like to do with, to, and on or about the body of Michea Crawford, well, it’s enough to make maple trees sap prematurely. This is all Michea, all Canadian, and almost too much sextastic to fathom. Enjoy.