Melissa Satta

Melissa Satta Bikinis for ‘Emamo’ Fashion Show in Milan

Melissa Satta Bikini Tush Push for Boston Native Goodness

Boston’s been in our thoughts much these past few weeks, and such a fine time for perhaps the hottest girl ever to come up in Boston, Italiana Melissa Satta showed off her hot all over bikini body on the beach in Miami, including one of the finest bottomsides on this planet. Melissa left Boston for her parents native lands after high school where she’s now a favorite among the hotties on Italian television, but Boston never leaves a girl, as anybody who’s ever met a Boston girl knows even many years removed from the city.

I could sit and watch Melissa Satta strut around the beach until my eyes grow tired and my body weak from the strain, and then I’d watch a bit more. Just so so hot. Enjoy.

Melissa Satta Brings Her Award Winning Asstastic to Milan Fashion Week

We continue to bring you the few, but memorable bits of celebrity sextastic peeking its beautiful booty out during Milan Fashion Week.

Case in point, Melissa Satta, perhaps the hottest girl ever born in Boston, the Italian model and actress transplant put her body on display at the Enamo Spring Summer 2013 show in Milan, strutting back and forth in what I’m sure is a wildly expensive bikini that we’d probably tear apart if we got the chance to be alone with Melissa. Or just stare endlessly into the perfectly round moons of her model booty, ass cheeks made in a factory with the word ‘Heaven’ painted on the wall outside.

Yes, 98% of women’s fashion is utter nonsense. But that remaining 2%, well, just look at that Satta dumper! Enjoy.

Melissa Satta Bikini Pictures For the Hot Neon Win

We do so love Bostonian born Italian model and TV personality Melissa Satta whose bikini candids never cease to arouse the higher levels of our intellect, albeit those higher levels are located in lower positions, which is both ironic, and often rather inconvenient.

Melissa has been in Miami recently with her euro-football superstar man-friend, Kevin Prince Boateng, who has the distinct pleasure of getting to explore deep into the neon bikini covered parts Melissa was flashing along the beach. It was quite a show, with the lime green just-in-case-you-weren’t-ogling-already bat signal cuing every male within ten miles to being eye-bulging procedures. Just a ‘wow’ meets ‘hot damn’ kind of body on that Melissa Satta. Enjoy.

Melissa Satta Sextastic Playboy Pictures Are a Win for All Things Boston and Italian

We don’t often get to praise the born and bred hotties of Boston, but with Melissa Satta as a native girl, despite her transplant to Italy for modeling fame and TV stardom, well, Beantown has a decent sextastic alum.

The super hot bodied Boot-tastic babe bares almost all in her newly adopted home country’s Playboy magazine, and, well we couldn’t be harder happier. While we do not condone bunny magazine pictorials that do not involve full skin shows, well, just as in everyday life, special exceptions must be made for super hot women. Enjoy.


READER FINDS: Melissa Satta See-Through, Adrianne Curry Nekkid, Monica Bellucci Topless, and Much More…

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This week’s bacchanalia of the boobtastic includes Bostonian turned Italian Melissa Satta in see-through lingerie, Adrianne Curry classically nekkid for the Bunny, veteran uber-sextastic Monica Belluci in a glorious film still, hot hot heated Leilani Dowding in a weird full frontal mannequinish pic, Aussie diva Holly Valance super hot, a double hot topless preview of the upcoming House of Lies TV series with Dawn Olivieri and Megalyn Echikunwoke, Swedish lingerie model Johanna Lundback see-through, and Romanian super soccer fan, Denisa Nechita, flashing her soccer balloons. Talk about Santa being good to us this Christmas.
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Melissa Satta Poses-Off Sextastic Style on Italian TV (VIDEO)

SI Swimsuut model Melissa Satta may be the hottest woman to ever be birthed in Boston, but, sadly, we’ve lost her permanently now to the good and decent people of The Boot, where she is working her way through, of course, wealthy soccer stars, not to mention growing celebrity of her own, including her current stint on Kalispera (‘Good Evening’, or something there abouts) where she faces off against similarly hot Italian transplants such as Belen Rodriguez for the title of show super hottie.

On the boob tube this past week, Melissa offered up a new wrinkle in her show hotness resume, with some serious posing in short shorts that has to be seen (repeatedly, and privately) to be believed. She is one fine looking woman with what one might call just the right amount of limberness. Oh, yes, just the right amount. Enjoy.

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