Melissa Giraldo

Melissa Giraldo Provides Colombiana Dreams In Lingerie

I happen to be a reasonably to beyond healthy level excited fan of sultry hot Colombian women. You start taking their clothes off for the cameras, and that lust starts to grow exponentially, though I will admit I don’t know what exponentially means. I’m guessing it’s a lot. Precisely how I feel peeking on sweet Sudamericana Melissa Giraldo modeling skivvies for Tarrao Lingerie.

We’ve seen Melissa before in these parts and she has more than impressed. I could see taking her as my Latina lover, or perhaps her taking me as her stable boy who needs to be taught a lesson in manners. I’m hottie-flexible when it comes roleplay, which basically means I’ll do whatever the hell Melissa Giraldo tells me to do while she’s standing in front of me in just her panties. I am strong of purpose, but very very weak in the knees before the sextastic. Enjoy.

Melissa Giraldo Crazy Hot and Topless for Colombiana Sextastica

Melissa Giraldo Sexy Topless Photoshoot in SoHo
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Oh, it’s already been a very busy Monday, one of the final of the summer season, but don’t think we’d forget our responsibility to the celebration of some curvaceous lady lady humps on a Mammarial Monday. In this case, the sweet sultry treats of Colombian model Melissa Giraldo in SoHo magazine laying across a bed that I could only hope and pray is my Ikea clearance sale futon so when I return home this evening I’ll find this crazy hot Sudamericana hottie betwixt my sheets, or, you know, my Star Wars classic comforter.

Sultry sextastic Latinas taking off their clothes for the cameras. How did we ever get so lucky? I chalk it up to clean living. Not my own, naturally, but somebody somewhere. Thank you, whoever you are. We needed a little, and a lot more, Melissa Giraldo in our lives. Enjoy.

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