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Scary Spice Had An Hour Lesbionic Macking Session With Luann Lee; Let’s See Luann Nekkid in Playboy!

Luann Lee Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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80′s Playmate Luann Lee claims that Melanie Brown, aka Mel B, aka Scary Spice, aka X-Factor judge hottie popped into the disabled toilet at Planet Hollywood in Vegas right after her and proceeded to get it on in the toilet for an hour. This while Melanie’s husband guarded the bathroom. Nice job if you can get it. I have no idea if this really happened or not, Luann seems to have plenty of details, but I’d like to think it happened. I celebrate lesbionics in all ways possible, especially between a veteran hottie Spice Girl and a 50-year old still hot ex-Playmate.

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Naturally, I ran to our friends at PlayboyPlus for genuine nekkid photos of Luann from her Playmate days. She was rather smoking hot. She still is a good looking lady. Enough so that Melanie Brown chased her down into a toilet stall for some scissor kissing. I would ask that next time the two Sapphic leaning ladies not use the disabled stall as that is rather rude, albeit, I think we should make exceptions for lesbionic hotties going at it. Enjoy.

Melanie Brown Busting Out of Her Workout Gear in Beverly Hills

There’s much to be said of Scary Spice, but today, let’s just say she’s got big smooshy funbags.

I’m not exactly sure how Melanie Brown did contain her ample chest in that ridiculously tight top, and I’m sorry that she was able to, for we almost had a rather epic viewing of her bare mamas on the streets of Beverly Hills. Her entire outfit seemed tighter than you might see on a world class athlete trying to shave one-one-thousandth of a second off their sprinting time by way of wardrobe aerodynamics.

Still, when clothing technology lends itself to the bodily display of busty girls like Melanie, then technology is to be applauded. As is Melanie, for daring to go so skintight in public. And pulling it off with curvaceous appeal. Enjoy.

Melanie Brown Brings Her Spicy Booty to Cannes

Scary Spice knows how to pose her bottomside in the general direction of camera lenses. As she did once more again on her yacht off the coast of Cannes. Melanie Brown might not have all the tools in her arsenal of a decade ago, but, make no mistake, she’s still playing with some very heavily loaded guns.

Someday when I anchor my floating luxury vessel, the S.S. Sextastic, off the coast of France, it will be littered with the barely covered bodies and booties of some of the finest women in the world. And, then, you know, I’ll probably wake up and find myself in my bathtub with my latest Superman comic bleeding ink into the water. I hate when that happens. Enjoy.

Melanie Brown and Geri Halliwell Leaving the SOHO House in London

Melanie Brown Bikini Pictures Spice Up Sydney With Booty Galore

Well, I’ll say this for Scary Spice, she’s not afraid to show off a healthy dose of skin, perhaps more so than any of her fellow former Spice Girls, Melanie Brown loves to feel the sun on her body and give a show to peepers across the globe, as she did in Sydney over the weekend in an itsy bitsy bikini show that exhibited a solid dose of her shake-a-licious booty.

With the words ‘It’s Time’ stretched out over Melanie’s badonkadonk, we could only imagine, as we surely did, what exactly it is time for. Several naughty things involving lotion immediately came to mind. Enjoy.

Mel B and Phoebe Tonkin Double Bikini Dip Sandwich in Sydney Harbor

We love it when a sextastic celebrity sandwich comes together. It’s like our imagination power is saved all the effort of having to create such scenarios in our mind, as with the bikini clad duo formed by Melanie Brown, aka, Mel B, aka Scary Spice while she hosted young Australian hottie actress Phoebe Tonkin on her little skiff out in Sydney Harbor.

While the two soaked up the sun and drink, and we imagined them wiping sun tan lotion over each other’s bodies, we merely wiped the steam off of our binoculars from our perch atop the Sydney Opera House on the harbor. Ogling two hot chicks in bikinis is the closest we will ever get to real culture. Enjoy.

These Melanie Brown Bikini Pictures are Fucking Scary

We try to keep things sexy here on Egotastic!, but sometimes you have to point out what’s not sexy for comparison’s sake. Not sexy: These Melanie Brown bikini pictures. In fact, I think they are the definition of scary, and Scary Spice is definitely living up to her name. I think there’s a moment at which you can be a little too “in shape”, because aside from those bolt-on boobs, Mel B has the shape of a man.

Photo credit: Splash News