Mathilde Frachon

Mathilde Frachon Covered Topless and Bootylicious for Victoria’s Secret

It has been two years since we’ve seen Mathilde Frachon in these here parts. When we first met her, it was like a new star appeared in the sky. Then, she disappeared. Presumably to make the men of her small French village uncomfortable in their trousers as she collected water from the well each day. But, now, she’s back, with an asstastic and hot bodied covered topless vengeance in a brand new Victoria’s Secret catalog promo.

If you don’t feel like buying panties after seeing them on Mathilde, you just have a cold heart toward silky lacy little nothings on ridiculously hot women. Mathilde has simply one of the most sextastic lingerie modeling forms in the business. You throw in her hot blonde appeal, and you have the makings of one explosive V.S. photoshoot. I’ll leave it to you to interpret the explosive part. Oh, Mathilde, you are one finer looking lady. Enjoy.

Lindsay Ellingson, Georgia Fowler, Mathilde Frachon: Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Trifecta

Talk about your three part harmonies. Lindsay Ellingson, Georgia Fowler, and Mathilde Frachon formed a flawless threesome of silky awesomeness for a catalog shoot for Victoria’s Secret, donning small bras and panties and flashing all kinds of hot body awesome. Now, personally, I’ve already spent all my annual ‘slip and fall’ settlement money on Christmas gifts for friends, relatives, and a boatload of lingerie purchases inexplicably address labeled toward my own humble abode. But I still find myself reflexively on the phone with Pam, my V.S. sales rep., sometimes, a guy just likes to talk. Enjoy.

Mathilde Frachon December Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Photoshoot