Marisa Miller

Selena Gomez, Maria Sharapova, and Marisa Miller Highlight the Hotties at the ESPY Awards

I must admit to not watching the ESPY Awards last night. I don't know, somebody is getting old. It's either me or ESPN, but they don't seem to have quite the same luster as in the past. Maybe it's the ABC/Disneyfication process. Maybe it's Lance Armstrong winning awards all those years on doped blood. I'm not sure.

But, anywhere there are sextastic celebrities, you know you will find me and there was several sights for sore eyes last night at the event, including Selena Gomez, minxy hot, Marisa Miller post-baby and skintight delights, Maria Sharapova tennis legs, and a nice showing of skin by newcomer B-movie actress Syd Wilder. And then some awards were given out to sports stars, and everyone went home happy. Enjoy.

This ‘R.I.P.D.’ Trailer Is Probably Going to Seem a Little Familiar (VIDEO)

Who You Gonna Call?
Starring the Big Lebowski as Tommy Lee Jones!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if somebody crossed Ghostbusters with Men in Black?

No, of course not. However, from the looks of this R.I.P.D. trailer, that's exactly what you're going to get. The film is based on the graphic novel The Rest in Peace Department by Peter M. Lenkov and stars Jeff Bridges and Ryan well as Marisa Miller as Bridges' avatar. You could describe it as being just like Ghostbusters, complete with the threat of a full-on ghost apocalypse, only the guys catching the ghosts are dead. Or, alternatively, you could describe it as being just like Men in Black, only instead of aliens they catch ghosts...and the guys catching the ghosts are dead. Either way, R.I.P.D. is probably going to feel pretty familiar to you when it comes out this summer.

But hey, I'm not complaining. Any movie about shooting ghosts and/or aliens sounds like a good idea to me, and this one has The Dude in it. I'm sure it'll make a profit, and then they'll make at least two sequels.

Marisa Miller Preggo and Covered Nekkid Hot for Allure Magazine

I now call to order the meeting of the Sextastic Celebrity Nekkid Preggo Fetish Club. First order of business, the supremely hot Marisa Miller, burgeoning with child, and unburgeoning without clothing on the pages of Allure magazine.

We have drooled over Maria Miller many times over the past several years, but never in this particular body format before. And we like it. Sadly, we were unavailable for the events that enabled this particular photoshoot theme to occur, but there's always a next time! Enjoy.

Taylor Swift gets Dolled Up and Other Things to Ogle

Sweet and Swift
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LeAnn Rimes bikini pictures. (HuffPo)

Marisa Miller tightens and tones. (FoxNews)

Taylor Swift looks hot in these new ads. (GossipCenter)

Lea Michele looking hot. (Idolator)

I'll have a Danish, please. (TheChive)

Ashley Tisdale in tight workout clothes. (Celebuzz)

Don't eff with Miley Cyrus. (GossipCop)

Board Member

Reese Witherspoon goes surfing. (Celebslam)

Angelina Jolie should start getting nervous. (TheSuperficial)

Video of the Kim Kardashian wedding. (HuffPo)

Rihanna looking all hot and stuff. (Idolator)

Donkey Kong doesn't take crap from any plumbers. (CollegeHumor)

Mila Kunis? Schoolgirl costume?  I'm listening. (FoxNews)

Marisa Miller bikini extravaganza. (TheChive)

READER FINDS: Lake Bell Classic Sideboob, Heidi Klum Topless Sunbathing, Miranda Kerr Pre-Baby Puppies, Aly Michalka Super Sexy, and Marisa Miller Roundballs


I love our readers like a Mama Bear loves her Cubs. Or maybe that's a Mama Spider, which one eats her offspring again? You guys and gals find the most amazingly celebrity faptastic material in the digisphere, with the courtesy, nay, the desire, to share with your fellow Egotastic! readers. It's truly a special little den of oglers we have here.

This week's Reader Finds includes a classic shot of Lake Bell fleshy mounds, an impossible to date set of Heidi Klum topless sunbathing pictures, a flashback to a pre-Orland Miranda Kerr doing some seaside flashing, Aly Michalka just looking super hot, and some Marisa Miller shots from a ways back showing off her finer top-level assets. It's all delicious wonderment.

Marisa Miller Sexy Pictures Flaunt the Good Goods in Esquire

Today has been a day of unabashed, shameless, hotness. So let's top off the sextastic tank with Marisa Miller, blonde hottie extraordinaire, featured in Esquire magazine, where the bombshell TV hostess with the boobtastic mostess, shows of all ranges of sexy celebrity quotient, including a body that seems forged in the heavenly factory and and breasts so fantastic, they make me want to build a time machine and travel back to snuff out the dude who invented bras and ruined so much udder goodness for gentlemen oglers everywhere.

Marisa Miller. Bikini tops. Bare Midriff. Panties. Oh, my. Enjoy.