Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller Sexy Pictures Flaunt the Good Goods in Esquire

Today has been a day of unabashed, shameless, hotness. So let’s top off the sextastic tank with Marisa Miller, blonde hottie extraordinaire, featured in Esquire magazine, where the bombshell TV hostess with the boobtastic mostess, shows of all ranges of sexy celebrity quotient, including a body that seems forged in the heavenly factory and and breasts so fantastic, they make me want to build a time machine and travel back to snuff out the dude who invented bras and ruined so much udder goodness for gentlemen oglers everywhere.

Marisa Miller. Bikini tops. Bare Midriff. Panties. Oh, my. Enjoy.

Marisa Miller Goes Asstastic Sacktastic at the Celebrity Beach Bowl

You know that dream you have, that nighttime fantasy where ridiculously sexy Marisa Miller tackles you to the ground and goes grabbing for your loose ball? Yep, that one. Delightfully played out at the Celebrity Beach Bowl where a bunch of actors and models get all athletic prior to the Super Bowl, chiefly hot and asstastic among them, super model Marisa Miller who let it all hang out in spandex on the sandy playing field. Despite the large gobs of money I took home in my Packers bet ($20), I’d trade it all in for just one moment under the pig pile with Marisa Miller. Enjoy.

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Marisa Miller Puts the Sextastic Back in Shape (VIDEO)

Please do start your Monday morning off with an exciting round of physical exercise, as in ogling this behind the scenes video from the Shape magazine pictures of the hot-bodied Marisa Miller we posted last week. The only thing better than seeing Marisa Miller bikini pictures is seeing Marisa Miller in a bikini and in motion. I love to watch her sweat. I feel myself about to lose some ounces around my midsection as we speak (hey, it’s Monday morning, bad spunk jokes are a must). Enjoy.

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Marisa Miller Is In Charge, In Shape, And In My Dreams

When Shape magazine says you’re in great shape, that’s sort of the be-all end-all of body endorsements. Not that we needed a fitness magazine to tell us oglers what we’ve known for many years now, the very sexy model and TV personality Marisa Miller is all kind of tight and toned and boobtastic body wise. If she had been my spinning instructor, it’s possible I would’ve last more then eleven minutes into my New Year’s resolution; just to have her dripping in sweat and yelling at me, that’d justify the gym membership fee I pretty much toss down the crapper each month. Enjoy.

FHM 2011 Calendar Reminds Us of a Past Year of Hotness

As we head toward the end of 2010, the 2011 FHM calendar is a great reminder of some of the hotness from this past year, more specifically, the best of the FHM magazine picture sets from this past season. Leading with this past January photos of the super sexy Rachel Stevens, and picking up lust-speed with the likes or Olivia Munn, Kelly Brook, Audrina Patridge, Diora Baird, Frankie Sandford, Marisa Miller, and Michelle Keegan, well, it’s been a wonderful year of sextastic celebrity on the British lads magazine. Really some of my favorite shots of this past year. Now, I’m making myself tear up a bit. This always happens around the holidays for me, just thinking of the amazingly hot women we’re all going to see in the coming year, each year just gets better and better. Enjoy.

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Marisa Miller Gives a Sexy Shoutout to Cousin Jonathan’s Cousin


I’m still not clear as to what Marisa Miller has been doing since she left the Victoria’s Secret changing room, but she certainly makes one sexy special appearance, each and every appearance, in this case, at the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops event earlier this week. We’re turning her salute into a shoutout for Cousin Jonathan’s own cousin, Cpl. Cory from Kansas City, who’s back from destinations abroad and soon ending his proud service. We’re told he also has a thing for hot blondes. Enter, Marisa Miller (please, pay attention to that comma). In fact, in honor of Cousin Cory, we’re throwing in an epic display of classic topless Marisa Miller from an oldie, but greatie pictorial in GQ Spain. Enjoy.

The ridiculously sexy Marisa Miller in a classic topless photo spread in GQ Spain

Marisa Miller Dons the Tight Leather and Pigskin

The NFL is in Europe this week promoting the god-blessed sport of football to a country that already calls another sport football and it’s all very confusing, except for my feelings about Marisa Miller in her little Sunday sports get up — hot! I’m still never quite clear what it is Marisa Miller does or who she works for, I just know she has some amazing boobs, a killer body, and she tends to be the sexiest woman at whatever party she attends. And that’s good enough for me. Enjoy.