Marina Nery

Marina Nery Au Natural Lingerie Modeling Simply Innocent for Nasty Gal

Vogue magazine recently dubbed Brazilian young hottie model Marina Nery as ‘South America’s latest sweetheart’. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’m going to go ahead and dub her my new virtual Brazilian girlfriend if that’s okay with the people of that fair land. She is certainly a lovely lass long on visual wonderment talent, seen here even in this rather straight forward lingerie shoot for the Nasty Gal Internet merchandising sensation.

Now, like about fifty million of you, I happen to have a thing for alluring brunettes in their undies. I know, weird. And while I certainly have room in my heart for all kinds of lovely ladies, including those with the bodacious, augmented curves, there’s something to be said for the au natural girls slender of build, but full on sextastic. That thing is, let’s go shopping, South America’s latest sweetheart, I’m paying for anything lacy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Nasty Gal

Meet Marina Nery, She’s My Kind of Hot (and Terry Richardson’s Too, That Lucky Bastard)

It’s always hard to identify Brazilian model ages, but best guess for Marina Nery, right about eighteen. She started modeling several years ago now, but made her big fashion week breakout in New York last month. And now that Terry Richardson has guided this fun loving sultry young model star into his loft clutches, well, it’s only a matter of time before she’s true big time.

While Terry denied us more risque photos of Marina, and that might have to do with the questioning of her real birthday, there’s no doubt that this alluring female hottie is going to be soon following in the footsteps of so many wicked hot Brazilian models before her. We can only hope she’s equally as free about her body as we are free in staring. Enjoy.