Maggie Q

Maggie Q Braless In NYC Over The Weekend

Nikita star Maggie Q was spotted going around New York City in a few different outfits sans bra. It’s that time of year here in New York when the honeys come out of hibernation and leave their over the shoulder boulder holders at home. Maggie can get away with it because she’s got a pair of perky pokies that are only hindered by a bra. She had some cleav for the ages in a black bustier top she wore like a champ. Then she tried on a crop to t-shirt that gave us a view of her skinny tight little bare mid-riff.  But then she put on a red tank top thing in which you could see the outline and exact poking glory of her yum yums.

Ever since I first saw that Nikita show years ago I’ve waited for this moment. See, dreams do come true.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Maggie Q and Her Amazing Pantiless Leg Show on ‘Divergent’ Red Carpet

You know I’m a man who loves a little leg, but I super lust a whole lot of leg, the kind of gam show Maggie Q was putting on last night on the red carpet for the movie premiere of Divergent. Damn diddy damn,

I don’t know who invented that dress design, but perhaps they deserve a Nobel Prize in the field of great leg teasery, though clearly Maggie is doing most of the hard work, including the skipping of the traditional lady’s undergarment. She makes it look so easy. This has to go on my early list for Best Dressed of 2014, albeit I bet she looks even finer when she takes it off. Score one big victory for hot long legs already today. Love them. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood and Mila Kunis Highlight the Hotness at the Opening of Comic-Con 2012

Well, the faptastic fantastic fanfest known as Comic-Con is well underway in San Diego, and all we can think is that if priest-explorer Father Junipero Serra had encountered this stanky swarm of geeks on his trek up from Mexico and along the coast, well, we’d probably have fewer Spanish style missions today in California and far more Pizza Huts.

Nevertheless, with super geeks comes super fanboy money, and with that comes Hollywood sending its best and brightest, err, best and hottest down to San Diego to pimp the shizz out of their latest projects.

Today’s sextastics in attendance at the convention included our fave Sara Jean Underwood in cosplay gear, Lyndsy Fonseca sweet goodness, the hot Mila Kunis pimping Oz, the Asian delight Maggie Q, and Kristin Kreuk and Kristen Stewart in a battle of chicks who almost spell their name the same. Quite a way to jumpstar the convention.

P.S. Don’t touch anything with your bare hands at the convention. Trust me.

Maggie Q Tatted Hot in Inked Magazine

We haven’t seen Maggie Q in these parts in some time, and now thanks to Inked magazine, the periodical for all things tat related, we get to see many of her hot parts, inked and otherwise.

Now, we’re not inking fanatics here at Egotastic!, but everything in moderation and everything on hot girls like Maggie Q, or everything off of Maggie would be even better. Hot, sultry, and a little bit of artificial color, it’s a nice combination. Enjoy.

Maggie Q Bikini Pictures Shoot to Thrill (VIDEO)

Our Asian hottie tour is an adventure without end, though not without climax I might add, but would be incomplete without a stop in with the renowned Maggie Q, most recently tapped for the femme hottie role in the reprise of Nikita, the hot-bodied sextastic assassin chick who will cause you a pain in the shorts before snatching your life. Good call on the casting, by the way. Confirmed by these promotional photos from the series as well as some early clips from the show, especially these Maggie Q bikini pictures from the first episode. I think I’ve found me another DVR setting to be done. Enjoy.

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