Lucy Pinder

R.I.P. Nuts Magazine: Pour Some Ta-Ta’s Out For My Lady Homies


As you know, we’ve had a close, almost intimate peeping relationship with the good folks at Nuts magazine across the pond now really ever since Egotastic! has been around. Nuts started as a print and then online lads magazine in the U.K. just about a decade ago. In that time, it’s hard to count on hands and toes and other appendages how many fine looking topless lasses they’ve brought to our attention. Now, they are closing shop. Online and off. It’s a melancholy moment for those 99.9% of us who love funbags.

It might not be common knowledge, but it’s very economically difficult to run an R-rated journalistic endeavor. You’re too racy for Victorian era corporate advertisers but you’re not racy enough for people willing to spend money for their passions. It’s the nightmare that keeps me awake at night, before I have some warm beer and ease back into slumber. We will miss Nuts. They were good, earnest, boobtastic loving folks. Of course, the glamour models will continue on in other venues, but as with any loss, things will not be entirely the same forever more.

Naturally, Nuts is going out with a chestal bang. A farewell edition full of ripe and ruddy British girls and their faptastic treats. Lucy Pinder, Stacey Poole, Rosie Jones and others taking part in one last lady hump hurrah. RIP.

Lucy Pinder Topless Lingerie Goodness For Feel Good Feelings

Lucy Pinder Topless in Lingerie for Nuts March 2014
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Oh, Lucy Pinder, you continue to be one raven haired temptress in the bedroom. Alas, not quite the bedroom situation I have longed for these past several years, wherein I can actually see you in person and feel the bearskin rug beneath my feet as you tell me all the reasons why I can’t have you for a fourth time this evening.

But viewing is still sweet sextastic, and the sight of you stripping out of your lingerie and revealing your world class funbags in this marvelous pictorial from our friends at Nuts magazine, well, that is a thing as well. Lucy remains one of the single sweetest curves lady on the face of this planet, tempting from all directions and poses. She’s a keeper. Enjoy.

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Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, Rhian Sugden Undressed Up for the Nuts 10th Anniversary

Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers and Friends Topless in Nuts VIP January 2014
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I’m not exactly sure what the 10th anniversary present is supposed to be, but our good friends at Nuts magazine are celebrating their 10th with a gaggle of their finest glamour models flashing their topless goodness in the place of candles. I’m quite certain that’s better than silver or pewter or aluminum or whatever the less interesting 10th anniversary gift givers producer.

The likes of Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, Rhian Sugden, Lucy Collett and more all celebrating the lads magazines finest faptastic funbags. Now that’s a party the way parties ought to be. No offense to the Pictionary crowd, naturally. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder Topless Udder Goodness Delivers the Big Bra, Removes the Bra, Everybody Happy


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Who says bras aren’t sexy? I mean, especially when you know they’re coming off, they can be incredibly tantalizing tidbits of wardrobe. Especially when fully cupped and large to contain, then un-contain, the faptastic melons of Lucy Pinder, simply one of the hottest women on the planet. Any planet really.

I’d like to put that to the test by being shot into a Mars mission with Lucy in just one tiny space capsule. In fact, forget a silly three year mission to Mars, give me the couple hundred year trip to Pluto, even if it’s not really a planet anymore, so we can intertwine our nekkid bodies for a lifetime of zero gravity fun time.

Oh, Lucy, call me. Let’s start this space training now. I’m very comfortable in tight quarters with little room to maneuver. I trust you’re the same. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the official Lucy Pinder website for all your officially hot Lucy needs.)

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Lucy Pinder Topless and Sultry Sextastic Crawling Into Ta-Ta Tuesday

Lucy Pinder Topless Goodies for Nuts Magazine November 2013
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I can’t think of a place I’d rather be than in the deep embrace of the prized melons of Lucy Pinder. While the other bears in the woods are contemplating four months buried alone in an underground hovel, I am imagining surviving the winter chill betwixt the heavenly thermal blankets of Lucy’s funbags. I am smarter than your average bear.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts, Lucy Pinder shows why she deserves mention among the world’s most alluring ladies. Crawling, preening, stretching, standing. It matters not. Lucy has the raw talent to deliver the goodness. She is my queen. Enjoy.

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Lucy Pinder Topless Epic Hotness in Black and White for Mammarial Monday


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Lucy Pinder is unreal. Which is odd, because she’s actually more real in her parts than most other celebrities. Her allure is unreal. Color, black and white, makes no difference. In this self-described ‘Time for Bed’ pictorial, Lucy shows us what it’s like in her abode when it’s time to catch some Z’s.

Now, you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking. There’s no way I’d let Lucy fall asleep looking like that were I invited to her slumber party. Air horns, toothpicks beneath the eyes, even, God forbid, Paris Hilton dance music, whatever it takes to keep Lucy awake for the two to five minutes of intense passion play I have planned for her. Just so wicked hot. It’s simply not fair, but oh so good. Enjoy.

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Lucy Pinder Topless Hotel Room Striptease for Absolute Boobtastic Perfection


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Damn you, Lucy Pinder. Damn you for looking ever so fine and perfectly visually delicious in little bits of lingerie falling off your crazy hot body exactly as I imagine it happening on our holiday vacations together off the turnpike in Jersey. Unfortunately, I just can’t afford the Mediterranean at this time. But somewhere in Northern Jersey in the overcast skies we shall delight in the triumphs of Mother Nature’s bounty, meaning, mostly your fine female form, as I dress and undress you repeatedly in underwear that seems to never fit you quite right.

Don’t fight it, Lucy, you know you want it too. Call me on the red phone, I always answer, and let our mutual desires out of their respective cages. Enjoy.

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