Lucy Collett

Lucy Collett Topless Black Panties Striptease for Ginger Snapping Happy Times


Lucy Collett just seems like she'd be a fun gal to have on a summer road trip. Especially when I announced the topless only rules for my car. I bet she wouldn't balk at that rule. Or the one where we take turns sitting on the driver's lap and she's the only passenger. Your turn again, Lucy. Beg my ungentlemanly thoughts, but Lucy and her ginger topped sweet topless body tends to make prurient thoughts race through my head like greyhounds chasing a rabbit. Only, I don't want to eat the rabbit, I want to rub it all over with hot baby oil then tickle it with feathers. I don't know, maybe the greyhounds really want to do that too. I can't read dog minds.

Lucy, you are my sweet teated treat. I have been fond of you through think and skin. I think that's how the expression goes. Someday, we shall be together and the sounds of our merry giggles shall be matched only by the primal screams of our passions. And that's just the first date. Call me, let's make this happen. My iPhone informs me my calendar is open until as far as the calendar goes. Enjoy.

Lissy Cunningham Urges Lucy Collett To Bring on the Ta’s for the Battle of the Boobtastic


With so much upheaval in the world, I do hope people will once again look at my forward thinking plan to settle all future disputes by contest of hot girls with outrageously plump funbags. I know there's some thrill in full scale bloodletting, but I really do believe sweater puppies properly unleashed can save this world of the need for such primitive forms of conflict resolution. Think of it as pacifism with a twist of crazy fine melons.

This week's non-violent Battle of the Boobtastic pits blonde bodacious battler Lissy Cunningham against my ginger lovely Lucy Collett. I could never possibly play favorites among two girls to whom I'd give my entire world for just one appropriately placed kiss. However, you must play favorites. It's your sacred duty. In your veteran ogling opinion, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lissy Cunningham vs. Lucy Collett

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Lucy Collett Topless Selfies Will Light Your Fire, Ignite Your Senses, and Torch Your Very Undercrackers


Something like that. Lucy Collett continues to be one of the diamonds in my sky, I care not what others thing. And when Lucy starts snapping photos of her own hot and plump snappers, well, consider me down for the count. Or up for anything Lucy.

The hair, the cheeky smile, the cheeky cheeks, and those blessed funbags combine to form the perfect weekend at the lake girl for me. I really just need the lake. Well, and the girl. Enjoy.

Lucy Collett Chests Up to Rosie Jones for an Epic Topless Battle of the Boobtastic


Are you kidding me? Two of my favorite girls in the entire world choosing to do battle in the cage of chesty goodness simply for my prurient viewing pleasure? Wow, talk about feeling like Caesar. It's good to be king. Or emperor. Or Senator something or other. It's mostly just good to have two eyes and one set of... well, you know, when peeking in on the Battle of the Boobtastic between redheaded goodie basket Lucy Collett and young future HOFer in the hotness department, Rosie Jones.

I'm almost sad that one of them must go home unhappy today. But funbag justice must be served. And you must decide, between these two titans of the topless wonderments, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lucy Collett vs. Rosie Jones

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Lucy Collett Black Stringy Topless Teasing


I don't want to jinx anything, but this is probably the year Lucy Collett and I are able to express our passions for one another in a more physical, and less virtual manner. She doesn't know it yet, but she's soon to experience three minutes of what she will only be able to giggle to her friends as the best three minutes of her past Tuesday. I won't just leave Lucy smiling, I'll leave her unable not to smile for up to 72 hours. I ought come with a warning label. And, yes, I did start my Friday happy hour libations a bit early here today.

Each Friday we like to especially call out and honor and otherwise leer greedily at some of the finest lady humps on this planet. Lucy Collett isn't everybody's cup of tea, but she makes my crumpets tingle. Thank God It's Funbags!

Lucy Collett Topless and Daringly Dark For Nuts


I know Lucy Collett isn't everybody's cup of tea, but she's the milk in my porridge, or something Britishy sounding like that, and I think someday I'd like her to be the woman I have a fling with while my wife is off visiting her sister because her cat died. Not that I've thought about this much. But Lucy does seem like the fun kind of romp weekend partner. Not that Lucy doesn't also deserve a great guy in a loving and emotionally connected stable and caring relationship. I just want that to be some other guy. As for me and Lucy, it's weekenders at the beach where we never quite get to the beach.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts magazine, Lucy shows me once again why a simple bit of lacy black and the fine art of the striptease down to your mighty impressive funbags, is all the foreplay this man needs. Ever. Period. Enjoy.

Lucy Collett Battles Lissy Cunningham For a Red on Blonde Battle of the Boobtastic


Who dares to bare their wares in challenge to the fine funbags of my red-headed beauty queen Lucy Collett. Okay, granted, Lucy may not be naturally ginger, but she is naturally endowed with some of the finest lady curves on this planet. Therefore, I do not envy the task of the albeit hot herself Lissy Cunningham as she places her sweet puppies front and center in a Battle of the Boobtastic with Lucy.

The prize goes to the bold among us. But today there can be only one prize awarded. The vaunted imaginary briefcase full of small denomination bills that goes to the more impressive of the udderly fine contestants in today's battle. Now, it's time for you to pick the winner. Between these two stout lasses, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lucy Collett vs. Lissy Cunningham

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