Lola Ponce

Lola Ponce Bicycle Riding Hottie Workout in Miami for Argentinean Strong

Argentinean transplant hottie Lola Ponce takes her MILFtastic workouts quite seriously. Enough so that even a broken arm doesn’t stop her from bike riding and doing wonderfully naughty things to a tree in a park in Miami leaving me feeling very jealous of one lucky former sapling.

The singer and model and actress and all around sextastic lovely from Sudamericana is a winter time fixture in Miami these past few years. She keeps fit the old fashion ways of outdoor activities and exercise as opposed to the more strenuous indoor gym workouts I watch through the windows and pretend I’m not. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working. I’m a sucker for a sextastic lady on a bike. Or off a bike. Or no bike at all. I’m super flexible. Te amo, Lola. Let’s do something shameful. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Lola Ponce Black Bikini Hotness in Miami

Lovely luscious Argentinean singer and model Lola Ponce made her way onto the shores of Miami over the weekend to claim her stake to the hottie model in thong bikini contest I’m running in my mind there this Spring. I’m just warning you now that the winner is likely to be the first or only girl who agrees to come accept her award at my house around 2am on a Tuesday evening after the street lights have been dimmed. Hey, it takes good looks and guts to win this particular accolade.

Lola Ponce and her super curvy Sudamericana body is most definitely in the running. She may not precisely resemble the young lasses and their taut tight slender frames, but as a mom in her early 30′s now, Lola has all the makings of a lifetime hottie achievement award winner down the road. Let’s just say I’d join the PTA if she were President. You know, until found out I had no kids and drove me out of town. Enjoy.

Lola Ponce Cleavetastic Bike Riding Spins My Spokes

Meh, I probably could’ve come up with a better naughty sounding bicycle reference, but I must admit half my focus is currently consumed recalling all the bike riders in the past year who have flipped me off or sworn at me or showed up outside my place with a torch threatening to burn me out for running over their brother. They are a tempestuous lot.

But not Lola Ponce. She could just be the savior of cyclists everywhere, in her little shorts and cleavy low cut top, the Argentinean MILFtastic singer is doing her part in Miami to remind everybody that people on bikes aren’t just angry, lane-demanding, self-righteous snots in Spandex padded pants. They’re people too. And Lola Ponce is the best looking kind of people, so she’s even more important. Enjoy.

Lola Ponce Bikini Pictures for Slender Racktastic Argentinean Hotness

I’m not as familiar with Southern Hemispheric practice of augmenting the Northern Hemisphere, but I’m going to go ahead and declare that Argentinean pop music star and model Lola Ponce may not be entirely au natural. I’m also going to declare that I could care less as I watch the 2013 MILFtastic strut along Miami Beach, reminding me of all the crazy hot women in Sudamericana I’ve yet to successfully bed. Namely, all of them. But, that just means there are more opportunities in the future. See how I turned that losing record around?

Just as I’d like to turn Lola Ponce around and give her a little love tap on her sweet bikini bottom. And, by love tap, I mean non-step sweaty making of the sexy for up to 24 hours or until I tire out, so just over 30 minutes. Damn, it will be special even as she expresses her disappointment in me in a language I can only half comprehend. Enjoy.

Lola Ponce Bikini Pictures Big and Bold and Boobtastic on Vacation

Our parade of wicked hot Argentinean women in sort of a belated Independence Day celebration for that nation continues boldly and chest-lovingly with singer and model Lola Ponce, who’s body I would likely run over any of you in order to have for my own for but 120 seconds or so. Lola’s on vacation in Italy and showing off in her picnic table cloth colored bikini, which really only serves as a barely there holder for her amazing boulders, each of which appear capable of feeding a family of six for up to four months if needed.

There are ridiculously hot celebrity females in every corner of this globe. But, today, Argentina, you have shined one of your brighter shines. I’m almost expecting Luisana Lopilato to drop nekkid from the heavens. If only we lived in that sweet of an existence. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday, America! We Celebrate with Red, White, and Blue Bikinis

I love the 4th of July. Perhaps I’m alone here, but I love hot dogs, hot girls, and fireworks. That is in no particular order of preference. There’s nothing wrong with the best  birthday party of the year set in the middle of summer based around beer and bikinis. I suggest all nations celebrate their birthdays in this manner. Even Canada.

To honor America in the only way we know how, check out a red, white, and blue assortment of some of our very favorite celebrity bikini pictures. It’s our own woven tapestry of patriotic boobtastic. Take it all in, then go blow some shit up. Enjoy.

Lola Ponce Bikini Pictures Are Red and Hot and and Preggo and Muy Sexual All-Over

We have missed you Lola Ponce. Missed you something fierce and yearning like.

The Sony Music artist from down Argentina way makes her way northward a couple times a year to soak her wicked hot body in the South Florida sunshine and bathe in the luke warm waters of the Sunshine State.  And as Lola Ponce bathes in the warm waters, we lounge about in our happy juices from the sight of her tanned, sultry, and curvaceous body in a red bikini. Throw in a few months of pregnancy and you have the makings of some serious Latina fetish time.

While we often feast in the faptastic bodies of our homegrown divas, we shall never forget that this entire spinning orb is jam packed with ridiculously hot strutting singing ladies. Enjoy.