Leanna Decker

Elle Alexandra and Leanna Decker Topless Devil and Angel for PlayboyTV Halloween Freebie!


Have you ever said to yourself, man, I'd love to see Playboy models dressed as Heaven and Hell getting all kinds of topless and nekkid to celebrate Halloween. I know. me too! Elle Alexandra and Leanna Decker represent the duality of man's nature. That is, we like wicked hot gingers and brunettes. What two sides were you thinking of? Seeing these girls all naughty and nice and playful reminds me that Halloween is more about just dress up, it's about undressing as well.

Watch the Wicked Trailer and Try Playboy.TV For Free for Halloween Week!

To celebrate Halloween our friends at PlayboyPlus and Playboy.TV are once more offering up their extra special 7-Day Free Trial to Playboy.TV, which if you haven't joined yet, you are completely missing out on one of the single best online experiences available in 2014. And why? To buy one more meatball sub at Subway that you know doesn't take like your moms? No, my friend, that is a waste of money. Free is the hot ticket for you. Funbags, frolicking, and another F-word I promised my grandmother I'd never use again. It's all there on Playboy.TV.  Happy Halloween. Enjoy.

Leanna Decker Topless Hot Striptease Will Tingle Your Very Soul


I'm not sure how you make a gorgeous looking hot bodied woman taking off her stripety top any hotter, but if I has to make a rough guess, I'd say by giving her a ginger top like scarlet icing on the sextastic cake.

Seeing wicked scrumptious Leanna Decker stripping out of her clothes is truly a religious experience. I feel incredibly guilty, heavily filled with the spirit, and I just know I'm going to be rushing to find some thoughtful reflection time when it's over. She really is one alluring put together woman. I'm almost kind of giddy here, like a schoolboy seeing his first girlie magazine. I mean, after I sold it to them as I did back in middle school. Everybody needs to make a buck, everyone wants to feel a thrill. I served both needs. As Leanna Decker serves our needs today. Her version is much nicer. Enjoy.

Leanna Decker Wicked Hot in Lingerie for Kandy

Leanna Decker, how do I lust thee, let me count the ways. Okay, I've got one big one. You are just so damn hot I want to cry.

The bunny hottie took to the pages of Kandy magazine to show that she doesn't need to take her clothes off to have a good time. A little bit of fun time lingerie will do. Naturally, we prefer to see our sextastic visions of grandeur in their birthday suits, but every now and then it's nice to be reminded that women may born into this world quite nekkid, when they're all grown up and alluring, they do tend to come with a little fashion. Why not make that fun time fashion. Leanna Decker, you are the boobtastic bomb. Let's grab lunch at my place. I have snackables. Enjoy.

Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker Topless Beach Bikini Frolicking Tickles My Various Fancies


Our favorite hottie west coast photographer Raquel Rischard got herself two of her equally tantalizing girl friends in adult star Jesse Jane and Playboy hottie Leanna Decker to hit the beach in Malibu and basically give every man within ten miles a sudden stroke. I mean, the medical kind, not the... you know. Though it's quite possible one did lead to the other upon sighting Jesse and Leanna taking off their bikini tops, rubbing chesty goodness together, and generally acting out a dream I've had since I was eleven. Oh, my, that sand is everywhere.

I'm not exactly sure if they were shooting for that silly water company or something of a more inspiring visual reason, but suffice it to say, if you happen to come across the likes of Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker frolicking topless on the beach on your next trip to the shore, you'll probably just move into a sand castle and stay a couple years. Enjoy.

Leanna Decker Losing Lingerie Is a Recipe for Striptease Sextastic


I'm pretty certain I've lusted ginger-topped hot body model Leanna Decker since before I even ever met her. I think it must be some kind of archetypal primordial reproductive goo thing. She's just my type. Hot, buxom, wanton, ginger, alluring, never-ending curves, and amazing funbags and an ounce you could bounce a nickel off of and receive a quarter in return. There's nothing about Leanna that doesn't set the drool drives into hyper mode.

I like to fool myself and believe that I could have a girl like Leanna. And, by have, I'm picturing the two of us nekkid and bound by twine tightly together while dangling above a pool of sharks into which we will be lowered should we ever cease from constant copulation. That kind of have. Maybe I am just deluding myself. But I can't resist the cheap tingle. Enjoy.

Leanna Decker Topless Xmas Teats Are a Gingertastic Treat for the Holidays


The official colors of Christmas ought be changed to ginger and green this year. The former to celebrate the long flowing locks on the head of Cybergirl of the Year for 2012, Leanna Decker, and the latter to represent how I feel with envy toward the lucky guy that gets to snoggle those brilliant chest puppies one ore more times in his blessed lifetime.

I suppose I ought keep my coveting to myself, especially this time of the year. I don't want a lump of coal from St. Nick for the umpteenth time in my life. But it's so hard to keep from imagining drinking warm apple cider with Leanna around my three-foot tall aluminum seasonal tree and seeing how many times I can pull off the 'would you like to see my elf' line before she throws the cider into my face. Oh, Leanna, you are one hot Christmas ginger dream. Enjoy.

Leanna Decker And Her Amazing Body Host Party at Crazy Horse III

Consider me a big fan of Cybergirl turned LA-Vegas celebutante Leanna Decker. Her gingeresquie hotness and that ridiculously hot body of hers has led me to conclude that I would not throw her out of bed for eating crackers. Even if crackers was the name of my beloved cockatiel companion.

Leanna was in Vegas for her curvy turn at the party hostess gig for gentleman's club, Crazy Horse III. I'm not sure if Leanna actually entered the establishment for the purposes of performing at some point in the evening, but I do know that I would be the idiot guy who visits the strip club ATM machine had she been on the center stage. There's no worse feeling than waking up with a hangover and strip club ATM receipts strewn about your bed. But, for Leanna Decker, I would go there yet again. Enjoy.