Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Lookin’ Sexy Weird In A Black Sheer Lace Outfit

The always interesting, very sexy Lady Gaga was looking particularly hot in a see-through black lace ensemble in Manchester. Her Gaganess was walking her dog in basically her underwear. You know, like you do. She had on lacey panties and silk stockings that left little to the imagination. The top part of the sheer "dress" had slit on the boobie section which gave you a peek-a-boo view of most of her funbags. I know a lot of people get turned off by Lady Gaga with her meat dresses or when she looks like an alien or whatever but I think she's super sexy. Maybe it's weird that I am attracted to a girl that often looks like a drag queen from outer space. I just like a girl with curves and Lady Gaga has that in spades.

If this is her dog walking outfit you have to wonder what she wears to lounge around the house. Probably a Marie Antoinette style dress made out of garbage bags or something.

Lady Gaga Topless Backside Turns During Costume Changes on Tour

I think Lady Gaga goes through about 478 costume changes during her 90 minute Art Pop concert performance. That's a costume change about every second seconds making it impossible for her to do anything but slip in and out of elaborate wardrobe right there on stage. As Gaga did in Milan, baring her top with her back turned momentarily to the crowd to get into yet another crazy colorful look that seems to delight her fans to no end. As for us gentlemen oglers, we'll peek at the funbags of one of the most famous women in the world simply because that's our sworn duty as stated in our online certificates.

Lady Gaga may not be everybody's cup of tea. But along with a few other well known exhibitionist divas, she has helped to raise the bar on the almost mandates showing of skin and booty shaking in thongs for modern female pop stars. If you ignore the musical content, this show-woman-ship phenomenon has been a really good thing. Pop stars have historically gone for the sextastic alluring showy look, but there's never been anything so blatantly sexual and erotic as it is today. I'm not sure if that's good or bad for the kids. I know it's great for me. I'll leave the social scientists to figure out the kid angle. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Has a Flare for the Cleavetastic Dramatic

I'll say this for Lady Gaga, she's not just a woman into big wardrobe and outlandish stage settings, she's also somebody who understands the universal love of ta-ta's and asstastic. Her wild dressups might appeal to a specific segment of the music buying audience, but her near constant boob flashing has a more broad appeal, even to somebody such as myself who would rather inject my eyeball with a syringe filled with ebola than listen to a Lady Gaga album. That's probably a bit harsh of a comparative, so let's say those are equal for me.

Nevertheless, here comes Gaga again out of a London hotel showing off her chest puppies in revealing fashion. It's just hard to pass up a chance to ogle a woman hell bent on flashing her body in public. Rihanna, Miley, Lady Gaga, they all do it. I know. I peek every single time. I'm a victim of my own hormones. Who will start a charity for me? Still waiting. Nice hooters, Gaga. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Booty in a Thong Outfit Performing at the Ziggo Dome

The wonderfully weird and sexy Lady Gaga didn't disappoint in a leather bustier outfit at a concert at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Gaga wore a shiny leather bodysuit with several holes cut out of it and fishnet stockings. But the real news is the thong she was sporting. Gaga has one of the great booties in the entertainment business. She's in great shape so it is nice and toned but it's also shapely and round. This is due in no small part to her Italian heritage. What I like about Lady Gaga is the fact that she is often scantily clad. That is when she isn't dressed like an ambisexual alien or wearing a dress made of meat or whatever. It's part of her schtick to shock and that often involves nudity. It's not shocking to me or to you, my friends, but it is very sexy.

I've been meaning to catch one of her shows to see her partially nude in person. I'm sure it's quite an experience. Maybe I'll dress up as a fat version of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust.

Lady Gaga See-Through to The Gagas in Belgium

Even some peeing boy statues probably cranked their necks a bit in Brussels to see Lady Gaga in a completely sheer dress walking by with her yams fresh and visible for the Belgian onlookers. Lady Gaga is a show-woman through and through. If it takes baring her funbags on the streets for a little attention, she's not going to think twice. You might call that crude and immodest. I call it a really nice social trend among our sextastic celebrities. Say what you will about Lady Gaga, she shows quite a bit more than Katy Perry who we've been begging for years.

Lady Gaga seems perfectly fit for Europe. Her style, her philosophies, and her bare tops. Not that we shouldn't let her back in the U.S., but maybe persuade her to stay overseas where we can't hear her so much as see her in daring outfits. That is the right manner in which to appreciate this particular artist. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga And Her Booty Arrived At the Athens International Airport

Most people wear comfortable baggy clothes when they go to the airport. But most people aren't Lady Gaga. She wore quite the provocative/weird outfit at the Athens International Airport. It's sort of like a techno mermaid. She has a pair of metal seashells covering her supple ta-tas that are staying on by some kind of magic Gaga powers. The bottom is a see-through skirt in which you can see that amazing Gaga booty. She's in the top five of booties of all time as far as I'm concerned. Gaga is obviously in tremendous shape, what with all that crazy dancing and whatnot that she does, but she's still got some serious curves. She may be a big star but I know a shapely New York Italian booty when I see it and I'm looking at pictures of them right now.

I like Lady Gaga because she just doesn't give a flying F about anything. If she wants to go to wear a meat dress or go to the airport dressed like a slutty Little Mermaid she's going to do it.

Lady Gaga Adds Extra Arse to Her Vancouver Performance (And Some Boob Slips)

Lady Gaga left it all on the stage, as it were, in the Vancouver stop of her ArtRavePopShmaltz tour, with her new extra sized booty wagging into the faces of the audience for the 3-D concert going experience. For those of you who like a little cushion with your, well, pop music, Lady Gaga has definitely added some junk to her trunk, though that has hardly slowed her down from baring it all in the most revealing of stage costumes.

Lady Gaga isn't for everyone, but she is for someone. And she no doubt puts a ton of energy into her shows. This isn't like watching Courtney love try to stand in one place without teetering over for a 34 minute concert performance. Gaga puts her heart and soul and obviously her big ole booty into her live performances. There's something to be said for that. Like, look out below! Enjoy.