Kira Dikhtyar

The Russians Are Coming! Kira Dikhtyar Black Revealing Swimsuit in Miami

In case you don’t watch The Oxygen Channel, Kira Dikhtyar was the hot Russian model from the last round on the super catwalk walking competition, The Face. Today let’s just call her The Body, as she struts along Competition Beach in a a revealing black swimsuit that I’d not recommend to anybody not quite confident in their ferocious female form. Kira has it all working overtime, as the kids say, or used to, a long time ago.

I continue to be amazed at the level of beach body talent from all over the world nestled into the strip of sound on the outer banks of Miami. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a migration quite like this before and I’ve been bird watching for a very long time. Enjoy.

Kira Dikhtyar Hot Body Modeling in FHM Spain

Okay, there’s a good chance you’re wondering just how to pronounce the name Kira Dikhtyar, the wicked hot Russian supermodel whose body is in vast need of major attention by the ogling public took another giant sextastic leap toward that goal with a crazy hot pictorial in this month’s FHM Spain.

Now, I know, you might be saying to yourself, hey, this can of peaches is some wicked hot syrup, but where can we see her topless. Hey, we like to serve your needs before you even have them:

Click to see Kira Dikhtyar topless.

Heard of Supermodel Kira Dikhytar? Because She’s About to Let You In Her Place and Steal Your Heart

You know how much we dig the Me in My Place photo series, where photographer Michael Edwards finds some of the hottest women on this planet and gets them into their skivvies in their bedrooms ans snaps away. Genius, and we all benefit.

Even more fun to discover some new talent, such as Russian supermodel Kira Dikhytar, who in typical MIMP fashion knows expertly how to bend and stretch and preen and pose that wonderful lean body of hers, flash some delicious looking booty and body, and essentially make me wonder what happens in that bedroom of hers when the lights go out.

For even more bedroom pictures of Kira Dikhytar, check her out on Me in My Place and absolutely be sure to get that MIMP web app if you happen to love hotties in their panties in their boudoirs. Enjoy.