Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb The New Face, Err, Body of Carl’s Jr. Buffalo Blue Cheeseburger

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You won’t get lean eating the Buffalo Blue Cheeseburger, but you might get firm around the midsection. That thanks to Katherine Webb being the new hottie picked to be the sextastic sloppy eater of the latest specialty burger from Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s.

Katherine joins an infamous line of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Nina Agdal, Kate Upton, and others who have wrapped their lips around the fast food chain’s fare in the past:

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Jessica Alba and Katherine Webb Form a Dynamic Cleavetastic Duo at Spike Guys Choice Awards

My friend Calvin Dictamotta summed it up for all of us early in 7th grade when he declared that you knew a girl was attractive if you wanted to see her nekkid. While that seemed to be enough for most of the pack, that left me with a definition of ‘attractive’ that encompassed nearly the entire female world. Not that I didn’t have some preferences, but nary a woman walks by and I don’t think, I’d really like to see her nekkid. Calvin’s pronouncement proved useless. Though it is certainly on my mind today seeing Jessica Alba and Katherine Webb at the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards over the weekend.

While there are a decent bunch of celebrity hotties at the event, the uber-sextastic Jessica Alba and the fresh-body on the scene Katherine Webb, both looked ridiculously hot, flashing cleavage, and capturing the attention of every living human being with functioning gonads at the event. Did I want to see them nekkid? Oh, yes, believe I did. Ergo, these are two attractive ladies. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Emily Ratajkowski Full Frontal, Sanda Oh Topless, Lady Gaga Upskirts and Much Much More….

Katherin Webb Pokies in Tank Top
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Ah, Spring. The season when life begins anew. The sun crosses some latitude across the Northern Hemisphere. And my landlady realizes I didn’t pay rent all winter. It’s a time for celebration, for dance, for pagan rituals to various arboreal deities, and, above all else, a time for skin. So, in the spirit of the season of green, the Egotastic! community has gathered together to birth the first Reader Finds of Spring.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Katherine Webb tank-top pokes, Jenna Louise Coleman topless, and french-style young pro Zahia Dehar topless (all thanks to EgoReader ‘SPRaised’), Spanish actress Elia Galera topless on film (kudos to ‘Marty’), sextastic model Hanna Wahmer in skimpy lingerie (blessed from ‘Barry L.’), Lady Gaga flashing an upskirt in concert (cycled to us by ‘Devon’), Lara Stone topless in yet another French magazine (seriously, we love it ‘James’), Sandra Oh quite nekkid in her turn Dancing at the Blue Iguana (delivered by ‘Elliot P.), actress Sonja Bennett flashing her sweet body in Young People (Fucking) (as we are post-coitally embraced by ‘Erin’), Sophie Howard topless boxing awesomeness (prepared pugilistically by ‘Snowman’), Maryna Linchuk topless in 25 magazine (contributed heartily by ‘Lady Amy’), Mellisa Clarke topless on the streets of London (‘Sergei’ knows the way to my heart), Ana Crespo sextastic portraits from Valencia (muchas gracias para ‘Stine’), Emily Ratajkowski nekkid in portrait from the Samuel Bayer exhibit (a million thanks to a million of you who sent this in), Kirsten Dunst looking sexy on film (tip of the cap to ‘Michael G’), a peek into Selena Gomez b/w top (courtesy of ‘Joker’), more Lucy Collett nekkid madness (imagined by ‘Nickolai’), the highly desirable Stacey Poole flashing her tubes (a gift from ‘Gregory) and busty Haley King flashing her bra on The Young and The Restless (big ups for ‘Thaddeus’). That’s a handful alright. And an eyeful or two. Enjoy.

Katherine Webb in a Skintight Wetsuit, Now We’re Effin’ Talking!

I think we may have just peaked in our lust for Katherine Webb, the former Miss Alabama and current wet and bosomy contestant on the celebrity craptastic diving show, Splash. And you can thank Neoprene and water for that. Oh, and Katherine’s wicked hot body.

Now, there’s zero chance we’ll be watching this television show, save for cutting clips of Katherine diving, on the off chance the impact into the water entirely shreds her swimsuit. So, not much chance. But where lust dwells, hope springs eternal. Enjoy.

Katherine Webb In Ropes and Harness Opens Up So Many Possibilities

Belusted body-hottie Katherine Webb of Miss Alabama and SI Swimsuit found continues her practice for the pitiful network TV show Splash with a little work in the harness and trampoline, because, this is a serious diving competition after all.

And while we can easily imagine the benefits of a sextastic young co-ed strapped into a contraption that renders her weightless and completely at the mercy of her handler, well, actually, I don’t want to go past imagining that. Not right now. I think we have something special here. Enjoy.

We’re Head Over Heels for Katherine Webb (Get It? Head Over…. Nevermind)

Another day of training for idiotic Celebrity Diving, another chance to see the silver lining, beauty queen and swimsuit model Katherine Webb bending, preening, and dipping her buxom form into the waters of the reality show’s diving pool.

It’s not that we favor hot girls in wet swimsuits stretching into impossibly naughty positions, or that we find delight in see big boobs barely stuffed into swimsuit tops emerging from the water like some type of buxom nymph fantasy, it’s that we absolutely positively live for this! Thank you for coming into our lives, Katherine Webb. Enjoy.

Katherine Webb Swimsuit Pictures Depict a Beauty Queen Who Doesn’t Need the Heavy SI Airbrush to Be Wet and Hot

While Sports Illustrated continues to keep their bounty of swimsuit photos behind a wall of Photoshop, the public is demanding to know whether or not the beauties featured on the pages of SI are candid hotties, or just the beneficiaries of wonderful lighting and photo-retouching with extreme halo effects.

Well, we can say with some certainty this morning that fast-rising sextastic star and former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, looks mighty fine au natural in her swimsuit. Well, okay, not all parts are au natural I suppose, but the pictures certainly are of the Souther belle practicing on the set of one of the new inane celebrity diving reality shows about to crap onto the nation’s airwaves. But, like most super craptastic TV programs, celebrity diving does have its silver lining, and you’re looking at her right now in all her cleavetastic and hot bodied glory.

Yes, Katherine Webb passes the candid hotness test with flying colors and other such excited pageantry bits popping up indiscreetly on the part of her admirers. Enjoy.