Katherine Webb Takes the Co-Ed Lusting World by Storm

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bill-swift - January 10, 2013

Thanks to ESPN and Brent Musberger's older man lustings (and trust me when I say, if I'm not pining for hot women like Brent is when I'm his age, please put one in the back of my head and tell my family I loved most of them), Katherine Webb, a.k.a, Miss Alabama, a.k.a., the hottie girlfriend of BCS Championship winning Alabama football QB, A.J. McCarron, stole the show at any otherwise lopsided football game earlier this week just by reminding the entire world that when you're a big time athlete, a QB headed to the NFL no less, you get the most serious of co-ed tail.

Take a look at a few pictures of Katherine from the game and some of her bikini and pageant shots and see if you don't wish you could've been a bit more accurate throwing that ball through the tire as a kid. Enjoy.