Katherine McPhee

Katherine McPhee Throws Her Own Sextastic Stems into The Exhibitionist Ring

Katherine McPhee, yep, totally under-rated hottie. But today, we are not going to miss out on flashing you a peek at her legs on the set of Smash, because today is leg appreciation day, a day for all lower limb oglers and gropers to feel okay about themselves, and more importantly, to virtually feel up a nice pair of legs.

Katherine McPhee, many inches of goodness from toe to well, walk your way up from toe to the point at which you might get yourself a slap, and you’re headed in the right direction. Enjoy.

Katharine McPhee Finally Gets Just a Bit Improper for Improper Bostonian Magazine

A little Thursday treat for you long suffering-without-good-photos Katharine McPhee fans.

The sexy singer rarely shows much skin, classy girls as you know our wrought with downsides, but she flashes a bit of flesh and cleavage for a sexy photoshoot for Improper Bostonian magazine, to provide at least a minimal deposit in the tug vaults of the K.P. fans and perhaps even the rare, straight adult male American Idol watcher. It’s a shame she doesn’t get racier, such a hottie, but perhaps like so many of the Hollywood ‘good girls’, she’s fond of private pictures on her cellphone? I suppose that we’ll have to wait and hope on that one. Enjoy.