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Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer Black and White and Biker Hot All Over for Acting Outlaws 2015 Calendar

Benevolent hot best biker riding buddies Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica sci-fi faptastic fame produce their annual charitable calendar, Acting Outlaws, providing us the chance each year to see the girls nearly nekkid, holding their own, holding each other, and just giving the outlaw moniker a really good name.

One and one don’t make two, they definitely make four as veteran hotties Katee and Tricia show off their spectacular female forms in the teasy, but classiest of fashions. I have to imagine all that self-touching on set gets them in need of some of Uncle Bill’s lemonade, for which I would gladly volunteer to set up my stand on sight and hold up straws to their mouths so they can remain discreet. Ah, beautiful women in beautiful poses fondling their own funbags. It’s like Egotastic was called in to consult on process. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Acting Outlaws (go buy the charity calendar!)

Katee Sackhoff Topless in Riddick, For Reals

Thanks to EgoReader ‘Steve’ for sending along a Graphics Interchange Format capture of Katee Sackhoff topless for the first time ever onscreen in Riddick. Sadly, I still can’t make GIF files work so well on our current platform.

Less sadly, so, happily, our friends at WWTDD are running a similar version of Starbuck baring her bare boobtastic from the side for a few precious seconds. I’d check it out quick knowing how these things go and come. Enjoy.

Kate Sackhoff, Sharon Stone, and Nadine Velasquez Show Off in This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute Video (VIDEO)

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Oh, movies, how can we ever thank you for introducing and keeping us of the ogling mindset forever in visual clover when it comes to the eyeballing of sextastic female flesh. Before the moving pictures, men had to see nekkid women only in books, and before the printed books, they just drew S-shaped pictures in the sand and excused themselves to go behind the rocks for a little private time. Seems like this medium is superior. And our friends at Mr. Skin have a few wonderful suggestions for your coming weekend of flesh on screen opportunities.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Kate Sackhoff does her first official topless scene in Riddick out in theaters, Sharon Stone nekkid over and over again in the classic Sliver now on Blu-Ray, and Nadine Velasquez baring bare bottom of perfection in The League, Season 4. It’s quite a nice slice of celebrity hotness. Enjoy.

(And, don’t forget your discounted Mr. Skin membership for EgoReaders. It makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one on this Day of Atonement.)

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Riddick: Five Things We Can All Agree On

Time to Get Riddick-ulous

Look, Riddick isn’t the best movie you’ll see all summer. It probably won’t even be in your top ten. But, us critics didn’t exactly hate it because it wasn’t supposed to be the high art film that Man of Steel was slated to be. Instead it was just a simple story about a down-on-his-luck escaped space convict who can see in the dark (truly a genre that hasn’t seen enough screentime) and the variety of complex characters out to get him.


Katee Sackhoff Will Get Nekkid In the New Riddick Movie And We’ll Be First in Line

For all you Starbuck fanboys who have been waiting for years to see Katee Sackhoff take it all off, your wait will be over in September. As part of her very likely ass-kicking role in the third Riddick installment (creatively titled Riddick), Sackhoff told 411 Mania that this will officially be her first onscreen nudity. The hardest part of that, she told them, was politely asking her dad:

I hung up on David Twohy after telling him, ‘I need to call my Dad and ask if I can do it first.’ I was 31 years old, it’s not like I was a child (laughing). I called my Dad and told him and he said, ‘How much?’ I said, ’3-5 seconds of side boob’ and then he goes, ‘Which boob?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know, hopefully the good one.’

As far we’re concerned, Katee, they’re both the good one, so there’s nothing to worry about there. We’re more worried about whether or not Riddick will just be Pitch Black all over again.  At least we now have one good reason to go see it.

Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer Get Tangled Nekkid for Acting Outlaws 2013 Calendar (And A Charitable Cause)

Time to hit your parent’s basement, Battlestar Galactica fanboys and geek boys near and far, because this wickedly sextastic 2013 edition calendar from the duo known as the Acting Outlaws, Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer, co-stars of the Galactica reboot series, are naughty and quite covered nekkid in their wild west 2013 visual showdown.

It’s month by month of pure Katie and Tricia hotness, including a memorably nekkid embrace that wonders how much it might take in donation to their charitable cause, amfAR, it might take to earn yourself the monkey in the middle spot next go-round. A dream come true.

In the meantime, you can also purchase the 2012 Acting Outlaws calendars via Redbubble.com.

READER FINDS: Katee Sackhoff and Michelle Trachtenberg Pre-Kiss, Rihanna See-Through, Taylor Momsen In-Motion Flash, and Mucho Mucho More


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