Karina Jelinek

Karina Jelinek Beach Cleavage Lifts Me Argentinean Pantalones a Notch

Sudamericana transplant to Miami Beach Karina Jelinek couldn’t pull the trigger on her more typical bikini wear as various tropical storms threatened her neck of the woods over the weekend. But she still made a nice contribution to us sextastic Latina looky-loos who eye-spy with our various eyes the sultry beach going model set as often as humanly possible. A little cleavage on the beach from this alluring model is like an aperitif to cleanse the libidinal palate before imagining what happens with Karina when she gets back to her condo to remove all her sunscreen. I am quite good at such personal tasks. I don’t even use towels or soap, just the gifts that Mother Nature gave me along with a whole lot of determination.

Karina, the next time we meet, I expect you will be fully showing that wicked hot body of yours. For now, I share stare somewhat rudely at your hints of possibility. Actually, I don’t think it’s consider rude if I moan plaintively while viewing. I’ll need to check the rule book. Enjoy.

Karina Jelinek and Paz Cornu Bikini Latina Asstastic on Miami Beach

I love it when the Argentinean hotties get together on the beach. Especially when that beach is Miami loaded with paparazzi just dying to capture some beautiful bikini bodies and bottomsides for our guilty viewing pleasures. Minus the guilt, naturally.

Karina Jelinek has been one of our favorite visual wonderments from Sudamericana for some time now. She frequents the beaches of South Florida in a cultural exchange program designed to bring the world closer together over love of hot oily lady thumpers. I’d say it’s working. When she invited her fellow countrywoman model hottie buddy Paz Cornu to join her on the sand in bikinis, well, the day got a whole lot more interesting. Not quite as interesting as how I imagine the two girlfriends clean sand off each others bodies when they get back to the condo, but interesting enough. Sultry hot asstastic bikini Latinas. I could not be happier. Enjoy.

Karina Jelinek and Paz Cornu Soak Up the Sun With Hot Buns in Miami

I happen to heavily lust the hot buns and all-over goodness of Argentinean Karina Jelinek. And, look, she brought a friend with her today, fellow hot model countrywoman Paz Cornu, just to provide four amazing cheeks of sextastic glowing beneath the South Florida sunshine. Everybody is upping the ante in those parts, and the parts on these two wicked hot Sudamericanas is all-in, if I may carry on my lame poker analogy.

Oh, my oh my. this must be what booty heaven looks like. I’ll let you know for sure when I get there. Enjoy.

Karina Jelinek Bikini Booty Is Sudamericana Perfection in Miami

There’s really nothing more manly than crying like a little girl child at the sight of one wicked hot thong bikini asstastic. It’s the height of masculinity to weep openly at such a visual wonderment.

Take for instance the beautifully tanned thumper of Argentinean model and oft-scandalous Karina Jelinek sharing her buttockal perfect peaks with the good oglers of Miami Beach. Quite a treat for the peeps. Just looking at that amazing booty on Karina, I can feel the waterworks kicking into high gear. Yes, I’m talking about my eyes. I’m an emotionally attached male. Oh, god, that ass. Somebody hold me. Enjoy.

Karina Jelinek Bikini Pictures Display Her Perfect Beach Body Curves

The last time we saw Argentinean model Karina Jelinek, we decided that her bikini butt might just be as close to perfect as we’ve ever seen. It seemed like the kind of exaggerated praise we give when slightly inebriated after 11am on a Friday morning. But seeing Karina’s wicked hot bottom side, not to mention her all over ridiculously sextastic bikini curves once more, I’m prepared to stand by that statement.

And not just because someday I hope to tell Karina about my compliment in person when it might get me a peck on the cheek, or, even better, a peck on her cheeks. But because I just find her feminine features to award worthy. I’d like to pin a medal on each and every part. Then salute. And beg. Enjoy.

Karina Jelinek Bikini Booty Verges on Buttockal Perfection

Our foray down the Pan-American highway to the very Southern tip of our conjoined American continents has borne so much hotness fruit, we make it an annual virtual visit. And in a blessed bit of sextastic reciprocation, the hotties from down Sudamericana way are now making their ways to our own local shores. Like Argentinean en fuego model and TV personality, Karina Jelinek, currently vacationing in Miami and fully flaunting one perfect bit of butt cleave from beneath a tiny bikini bottom.

I’m not saying there isn’t a great deal of asstastic perfection within our own shores, but I am saying, for sure, the more the merrier. My dream of drowning in a sea of hot female oiled down booties lives on. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags (TGIF): Karina Jelinek Flashes the Full Monty on Beach Holiday


With the pounding in the head today courtesy of my good friend Jack and his brother Daniels, I wasn’t quite sure I’d live to see this weekend, but, glorious Friday, oh, how your soothing balm restores the sense and heals the most insane of hangovers (if only it could clean the vomit off the shoes).

Karina Jelinek in Gente MagazineThis week’s edition of TGIF features the candid delights of Karina Jelinek, Argentinean model delight, who was caught sans bikini top, and bottom, on her recent beach vacation. For those not super familiar with the world-over boobtastic Karina Jelinek, we added a lust-able pictorial from this month’s Gente magazine. She really has a body you ought to get to know well. Enjoy.