Julie Henderson

Julie Henderson Bikini Pictures Are Wet and Clingy Sights for Sore Eyes

Texas girl and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Julie Henderson needs more love. That might be lust. Either way, she deserves more attention for her sweet beach body, on display all wet and wickedly alluring in Miami. I think we almost had a nice wardrobe malfunction, but with tiny bikinis coming out of the ocean, you’re always close.

There really is an endless line of world class models now prancing back and forth across Miami Beach. It’d be considered ridiculous if it wasn’t completely real and happening right this second. Why are you not there with your binoculars and a cooler?  I’m talking to myself now. Enjoy.

Julie Henderson Bikini Pictures Drop Serious Beach Body Heat in Miami

The last time we saw SI Swimsuit model Julie Henderson on the beach in Miami, she was strutting around in a bikini that produced hard-ons across much of the male population across South Florida. Now, we get to see her once again, using her bikini like an instrument of passion inducement, promenading across the sand like a goddess in a two piece.

I like to think that Julie gets slightly tingly knowing that I have my beach binoculars trained upon her sweet hot body as she makes her way to very important places back and forth across the beach. And hopefully the good tingly feeling, not the cooties kind. I’d at least like her to give me an A for effort. And I know just where to put it. Keep up the good work, Julie. Enjoy.

Julie Henderson Bikini Model Hotness in South Florida

How is it that I’m not in Miami at this very moment with my suntan lotion portable sales stand with the sign, ‘Sunscreen Free for All Hot Ladies, I Apply’. It makes no sense. All the long and luscious ladies are in bikinis down in South Florida, showing off their professional wares, like SI model Julie Henderson. Tan and lean and long and lovely.

She really is a keeper. And by that I mean, I will be keeping her in my memory banks for future virtual date nights. Hey, Saturday evenings are often stay at home for me, but I am never truly alone. If you feel a pinch, Julie, that’s just remnant of my telekinetic powers. Enjoy.