Johanna Lundback

Johanna Lundback Bikini and Lingerie Double Down Hot Body Madness

Swedish brunette hottie Johanna Lundback has just about the most righteous body around for modeling bikinis, bras and panties, hopefully my shirt from the wild night before and other such dreamy items. Nelly Swimwear locked her and her body up to visually represent their little bits of wardrobe meant to flatter the delicious curves that make women so much ever better than men. It seems to be working.

While I do try to keep my own lingerie purchasing for my closet of shame down this time of year when it’s real bikini season, the likes of Johanna Lundback and her amazingly addictive visual wonderments make it difficult to show restraint. I can only imagine how difficult it makes it for women actually shopping to wear these things. Everything looks crazy hot. How do you choose? Enjoy.

Johanna Lundback Sizzles Swimmingly for Nelly

Johanna Lundback always serves to remind us that not all Scandinavian hotties come in the blonde variety, there are plenty of sizzling brunettes, most notably Johanna herself who has exceptional promotional appeal for Nelly Swimwear.

At one time in my life I resided in the upper latitudes of the Nordic regions and was too impressed that the ladies who turned me down for keeping warming in the winter weather came in all colors. Okay, mostly pasty fair-haired, but there were an entire rainbow of ladies ignoring my come-ons. In fact, there was one evening I recall spent with a redhead, though it might have been a wig, I hope it was a girl. Enjoy.

Johanna Lundback Bikini and Lingerie Nelly Photoshoot December 2013

Johanna Lundback More More More Lingerie and Bikini Wear Poses

She’s one of the sweetest looking Swedes around, and she’s not even blonde. Go figure. Johanna Lundback is simply one of the purest hottest lingerie and swimwear models throughout all the seven kingdoms, a triumph of genetics and a knowing brunette naughty smile all packaged in bras and panties and some swimwear for the Nelly line.

While there is some post-production work to sleek up the photos, let’s face it, it’s far tougher to be at the center of a photoshoot of you, your body, some little nothing clothes, and blank backdrop, then it is some ornate, artsy, dolled up set and wardrobe. The lingerie model is flying high out there without a net, though I would gladly volunteer to be the net beneath Johanna. Oh that she would fall ever so firmly, but not lethally, upon me. It would be like one hundred Christmas mornings all wrapped up into one skyrocket moment. Enjoy.

Johanna Lundback Drops the Swedish Sexy for Nelly Lingerie

Oh, how we love our Swedish hottie darlings. Johanna Lundback being no exception. Though you may find it odd to find such a raven haired beauty in the Northen climes of Sweden, there are plenty of ridiculously hot women in the land that brought us some of our original adult fare on video.

Johanna’s catalog for Nelly lingerie and swimwear reminds us that there’s little more sextastic than one supremely fine woman in some tiny little shiny underthings. Well, short of finding those same shiny underthings on the bedroom floor and a curvaceous set of bumps under your blanket upon your arrival home. Enjoy.

Johanna Lundback Lingerie and Swimsuit Stellar Hotness for Swedish Pride

Every hot Swedish girl will have her day, and for model extraordinaire Johanna Lundback, well, there have been a lot of those days, but, today, may just be her finest.

Modeling for Nelly lingerie and swimwear, the super fine Svenske model shows off simply one of the best barely-clad bodies in the world, firing up fantasies of both the boudoir and the pool, and doing naughty things in both locations. Oh, the hot Swedes do inspire dreams, and those little silky bits, they’re not helping stop any of it. Enjoy.

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As a child I visited the Milwaukee zoo and came upon a scene of complete frenzy as a long suffering male chimp had gotten hold of a handbag of a zoo visitor and was banging the copulation shizz out of that purse like his life depended on it. I’ll never forget the look on the face of that chimp as he rabbit humped that Gucci knockoff, pure primordial bliss.

That’s the look I have on my face each and every week as I peruse the wonderments delivered to our doorstep by our faithful and fastidious Internet browsing readers. The men and women of our virtual army of the sextastic who deliver their discoveries into the communal pot each week our Friday rendition of Stone Soup, a.k.a, Reader Finds.

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