Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart Nipples in GQ Magazine September 2014

Jessica Hart Is Summer Hot In NYC

Australian model Jessica Hart was looking hot as F in this photoshoot in New York City. Jessica wore a variety of outfits that all showed her summer style, namely lot’s of skin. Of particular interest is the crop top sundress looking thing. Her bare-midriff is outrageous. She should seriously have that thing insured for a lot of money in case her abdomen ever gets a scratch on it. That’s how perfect it is. Her sheer red dress is also nice as you can pretty much see all the way through it. Summer is a lovely time of year here in NYC and her outfits say why: sundresses. Is there anything sexier than a sundress clinging ever so lightly to a woman’s body through a thing layer of sweat? I think not. Especially if that girl happens to look like Jessica Hart.

I do enjoy Australian girls. There is something about that accent that makes my Crocodile Dundee stand up and say gooday.

Jessica Hart Bikini Modeling Continues The Relentless Body Heat from Miami

Despite the threats from angry Taylor Swift fans, Jessica Hart modeling continues unabated, for bated goodness with her wicked hot body and that Down Under gap toothed smile that got her notice in the first place. Jessica spent the weekend down in Miami in about ten different bikinis shooting endless hours of body, butt, and cleavage exhibition, though perhaps this little purple bikini was my favorite. At least, I was most jealous of this bikini, wishing I were able to spend a couple hours clinging to Jessica’s fine female form and making her feel like a million dollars.

Oh, to be a Victoria’s Secret model’s bikini for a day, that is the life. I know, I need help. I’m working through some issues. But at least I never get the holiday blues. Enjoy.

Jessica Hart Bikini Modeling Not Slowed Down by Taylor Swift Diss

There’s a story going about that Aussie hottie Jessica Hart was shitcanned by Victoria’s Secret for making non-positive comments about Taylor Swift after the V.S. fashion show in November. Not sure exactly of the truth behind the firing, but I am quite sure Jessica Hart is never going to suffer for lack of modeling jobs.

The statuesque, gap-toothed Down Under wonder was along Miami Beach the last couple of days shooting more swimsuit and bikini pictorials, and showing now signs of slowing down in her professional pursuits, or providing us gentleman oglers with vocational visual resources. Jessica’s bikini body is rip-roaring good and I pity the company that let’s her perfect hiney hit the streets. But, such is the rough nature of the soft business of modeling. Lots of crying girls who need a shoulder to cry on. Consider me ready to have a wet shoulder for girls like Jessica. Enjoy.

Jessica Hart Bikinis on the Beach in Miami

Jessica Hart Hates Bras! (And So Do We)

Score another victory for the Aussies and their liberal views on the use of underwear.

Sextastic model Jessica Hart hit the streets of N.Y.C. without so much as a bra on to protect her nipple pokes and related round and sextastic fineries beneath a sheer top. Now, we could chastise Jessica for her rather public display of female body exhibitionism, or, we could erect a statue in her honor and bow down to her as our new gap-toothed goddess.

Not to say which way I’m leaning, but I am looking for my hammer and chisel as we speak. Enjoy.

Jessica Hart Puts on Legs Show of Sextastic Summery Proportions

While summer unofficially comes to an end with Labor Day weekend, and officially by calendar in a few weeks, the Summer of Legs on Egotastic! is just getting into full swing, with the hot temps creating the perfect environment for some of our favorite long-stemmed celebrities to flash the product of their Pilates and aerobics and Stairmaster sweating time.

Jessica Hart, one half of the Aussie Hart modeling sister, hit The Big Apple flashing her toned and shapely and all-around tasty looking legs beneath a pair of super short leather something or others. And while we hear at fake-PETA demand that those leather shorts be removed this instant, for the time being, we will happily peruse up and down those long legs, and up again toward Nirvana. Enjoy.