Jessica Hart Bikini Modeling Not Slowed Down by Taylor Swift Diss

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bill-swift - December 7, 2013

There's a story going about that Aussie hottie Jessica Hart was shitcanned by Victoria's Secret for making non-positive comments about Taylor Swift after the V.S. fashion show in November. Not sure exactly of the truth behind the firing, but I am quite sure Jessica Hart is never going to suffer for lack of modeling jobs.

The statuesque, gap-toothed Down Under wonder was along Miami Beach the last couple of days shooting more swimsuit and bikini pictorials, and showing now signs of slowing down in her professional pursuits, or providing us gentleman oglers with vocational visual resources. Jessica's bikini body is rip-roaring good and I pity the company that let's her perfect hiney hit the streets. But, such is the rough nature of the soft business of modeling. Lots of crying girls who need a shoulder to cry on. Consider me ready to have a wet shoulder for girls like Jessica. Enjoy.