Jessica Grace Smith

Jessica Grace Smith Bikini Boobtastic Stylings on Set in Australia

Jessica Grace Smith is that Down Under hottie on Home and Away in Australia. Technically I think she’s a Kiwi born and bred, and I don’t want angry Southern Hemispherics coming after me for my poor understanding of world geography. Relatively speaking, it’s not even my weakest subject. In contrast, my strong suit is sextastic thespianics in bikinis filming on the beach and showing off their boobtastic bodily wares. You may also recognize Jessica from Spartacus, God of the Arena. Or just perhaps a figment of your most high minded imagination.

The Aussie soaps love to show their girls in bikinis and make beach scenes a routine part of their backdrops. Smart move and a big part of the reason their shows provide a wonderful minor league system for grown up Australian models and actresses. I predict wonderful things for Jessica Grace Smith’s future. Some people read the tea leaves, I read the ta-ta’s. I’d bet you my assessments are more accurate. Enjoy.

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Thanks to numerous Egotastic! readers, including ‘Sean’, for pointing out the very obvious — sexy girl boobs are quite nice — even on the female clothing line pimping runways of Europe, with sexy model Madalina Pica being quite the obvious case in point. Madalina stole the show at the Lise Charmel lingerie fashion show this week with her double guns set to see-through hotness. (Also check out this little Watch the Video »