Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins Wears a Dress by Egotastic! to Astra Awards

I can pretend I know what the Astra Awards are, but I don’t. But I do know who Jennifer Hawkins is, a former Miss Universe, and I do know I greatly approve of her see-through dress. Talk about making a boring awards show suddenly come alive. I imagine there was much eyeball strain during her walk down the crimson promenade in Sydney.

I’m not saying this daring garb is for every woman. I imagine when you put it on you’ll know pretty much right away whether or not it is for you. Or, you know, you could have me follow you into the dressing room for an expert opinion. I work on a completely volunteer basis in that regard. If you look like Jennifer Hawkins, I’ll even pay for the dress. I’m really easy. Enjoy.

Jennifer Hawkins Sells Shoes By Being Hot and Former Miss Universe-y All Over

I don’t know why, but women’s shoe ads tend to be the hottest promotional visuals of any female retail item. And I’m not even talking from the perspective of an avid foot and footwear fetishist. I just mean, the models they choose, the shots, the entire layout. Shoes may or may not be your thing, but shoe ads certainly ought to be.

Case in point, former Miss Universe and Australian hottie model Jennifer Hawkins. These are JLH shoe ads, but I haven’t yet looked at her feet. Oh, wait, there they are. And, yes, they’re hot too.

I know we guys buy our shoes based on the scoring average of the ballplayer who endorses them. So we are definitely more ridiculous than women who buy shoes because Jennifer Hawkins is showing extensive cleavage and looks ridiculously hot. Yay, we win. Enjoy.

Jennifer Hawkins Lingerie Pictures Break the Seal on Maxim Australia

Say hello to Maxim Australia, just launched. And, say hello to Aussie supermodel and former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, who has lent her amazingly good looks and awesome body in little bits of lingerie for the cover and feature pictorial for the inaugural edition of the men’s magazine in the great Down Under. And, might I say, it’s about time. We know full well that the great Australian export is its hot beach-raised women and we shall now have another outlet dedicated to their worldwide promotion. Good onya, mates. Enjoy.