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Hollywood XPosed Has Whitney St. John Deliver the Naked News, and Nothing But the Naked News (VIDEO)

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The good folks at the Naked News and hottie hostess Whitney St. John doesn’t even bother stripping off her clothes in this week’s Hollywood Xposed video. She’s already nekkid. Quite convenient. Seems like an old Tom Brokaw trick perhaps.

This week’s episode, in addition to highlighting some of the hotness on Egotastic! of the past week, provides some beautiful glimpses into the bare nekkid sextastic of Jennifer Connelly, Maggie Grace and some foreign stunners who run around topless for the sake of art. Hollywood Xposed doesn’t really mess around with much of that non-nude nonsense. Straight to the action.

To keep abreast (get it?) of all the latest skin in Tinsel Town, be sure to check out the uncensored video and become a regular of Naked News.

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Amber Heard, Jennifer Connelly, Heather Graham, and Shiri Appleby All Flashing Funbags in This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute Topless Screencaps
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Oh, the dog days of summer are upon us. I say this mostly because I found my own dog chewing up my favorite pair of Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes last night in what I can only describe as a canine act of suicide by cop. I spared the rod, because I am a sucker for animals with long noses, though I did have a lengthy if not graphic conversation with Mr. Bones about what happens to bad dogs who get sent to the pound. I don’t see that aberrant behavior returning for at least a week.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes the delicious Amber Heard not nekkid in Paranoia out this weekend, but quite sexy-scene topless in The Informers, a double feature on Blu-Ray of Jennifer Connelly topless in The Hot Spot and Heather Graham full topless frontal in Killing Me Softly, and Shiri Appleby topless in Girls Season 2 now also out on Blu-Ray. It’s a lot of ta’s. Deal with it.

And, while you may forget your job and your wife and kids, do not forget to get in on the EgoReader discounted membership with Mr. Skin. I know not a soul who has ever felt this wasn’t one of their favorite online memberships ever.

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Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson Bongos and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Will Sammi Giancola from the Jersey Shore do Playboy? (HuffPo)

Rooney Mara and Jennifer Connelly are hottie doppelgangers. (FoxNews)

Kate Hudson can still bring it… sometimes. (GossipCenter)

Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson pose with bongos. (Celebuzz)

Eva Longoria gets de-inked. (TMZ)

Lana Del Rey can’t sing a lick, but she’s pretty hot. (Idolator)

I don’t know what a Kerli is, but she doesn’t suck to look at. (Buzznet)

Top of the Morning to You, Jennifer Connelly Braless Nipples (VIDEO)


I have met Jennifer Connelly. I have stared into those amazing Irish eyes. Ogled that superior boobtastic up close and personal. Perhaps the best five seconds I ever spent in a convenience store. Jennifer Connelly may be one of the hottest women on the face of this spinning globe, Irish or otherwise, and I say that having completely missed the presence of her award winning nipples, so beautifully enshrined in these Jennifer Connelly pictures from the Toronto Film Festival a couple years back, in these braless wonderment visuals. Absolutely amazing. On this day of Irish pride, they ought be awfully proud of this descendant of the Connelly clan. I’d gladly let her steal the sugar from my punch. So effin hawt. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Okay, I’m not ending our St. Patrick’s Day tribute without a bang, a bang in the form of Jennifer Connelly unclad up top, baring at least some glimpse of those amazing Irish funbags in Inventing the Abbotts. Like a pot o’ gold at the end of the sextastic rainbow.

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Jennifer Connelly Bikini Pictures!

I know celebrity bikini pictures are pretty regular here on Egotastic!, but every once in a while you get something pretty special, like these Jennifer Connelly bikini pictures from her vacation with her family in Bora Bora. Sure, it’s not the Jennifer Connelly of old when she was young, and super-stacked, but she still looks pretty damn good. Like really.

Site Update: Sorry to say it, but it’s gonna be just the one post today, and then probably nothing until Tuesday. It’s the first time I’ve only done one post in a day, and it’s kinda scary, but I actually feel a little guilty. But only a little. Like really little… Anyway, I’ll try to have new stuff up on Monday, but it may or may not happen. Until later, then, have a great a weekend. I know I will!

Photo credit: Splash News

2007 Fashion Institute Gala Mega Picture Post

It’s been a while since the last Mega Picture Post here on Egotastic!, but last night’s Fashion Institute Gala in New York definitely qualifies for this special treatment.

There are about a Bazillion pictures after the jump (actually it’s more like 187 pictures or something), so you’ll want to check them all out. Attendees included Cameron Diaz, Cate Blanchett (looking skeletal), Christina Ricci, Claudia Schiffer (looking like she hasn’t aged a day), Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson (looking super busty in her own post), Kate Bosworth, Kate Moss, Kirsten Dunst (looking more fug than ever), Lindsay Lohan (showing Side Boob in her own post), Lucy Liu, The Olsen Twins, Petra Nemcova, Scarlett Johansson, and many more.

Check out all the pictures

Jennifer Connelly Looks Pregnant

Jennifer Connelly hasn’t been in a lot of movies lately. Rather, I should say Jennifer Connelly hasn’t been in a lot of good movies lately, and it looks like Blood Diamond won’t be bucking any trends. At least not if Leonardo DiCaprio‘s accent in the movie is any indication.

But that’s neither here nor there in terms of relevance to this post. I bring it up merely to note that at this special screening of the film, Jennifer Connelly looks to be rocking a fairly prominent baby bump. Either that or she’s got gas.

You can also see that her husband, Paul Bettany is rather conspicuously placing his hand on her tummy. So is Jennifer Connelly pregnant? Maybe. Is her movie going to suck? Definitely.

More Jennifer Connelly pictures after the jump.