Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy, Olivia Holt, and Carmen Electra Hot on the Catwalk for Young Hollywood

Nylon magazine held a party for Young Hollywood, which like most parties for Young Hollywood, was a bevy of beauties both young and not so young along the red carpet in Los Angeles. And everybody looked good. Especially the likes of Jennette McCurdy, Olivia Holt, and the not super young, but always super hot Carmen Electra. Just the kind of party where my invitation seems to get lost in the mail somehow.

In case you’re wondering, the state of young Hollywood is strong. For ever mature belusted hottie there is another ingenue or up and comer ready to enter the fray. I fear not for my supply line of the future. Enjoy.

Jennette McCurdy Naked? Sadly, No, But She Is in Naked Magazine

Yesterday, Jennette McCurdy in leaked lingerie photos. Today, in Naked magazine. But fully dressed. Talk about close but no cigar. Still, especially after yesterday my passion for all things McCurdy has only grown exponentially. She’s a cutie and a hottie, a cottie. I fear that this recent incident will send Jennette McCurdy into sextastic retreat, which would be a true shame now that we know for sure how ridiculously hot she is. It’s a sacrilege  to waste or hide your talents, Jennette. Let’s take this the other direction and bring happiness to millions and millions. It’s worth a shot.

You can check out Jennette’s sorrowful apology for her lingerie pictures being leaked on WWTDD. Which is ridiculous, there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Selfies Are Leaked, Peeked, and Have Me All-Around Geeked

Like some of the finer things in life, nobody knows exactly where they came from. But suffice it to say these apparent Jennette McCurdy lingerie selfies are going to speed around the Interweb at the speed of light squared. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but let’s just say as fast as Ellen’s Oscars selfies, but an infinity or so times more interesting.

We’ve been fans of Jennette McCurdy, the iCarly sidekick since, well, iCarly. A cutie hottie with a killer smile and a body that seems hell bent on sending her or us or both to Hell. Now, you can see much more of it. I’m sure we’ll hear much more about these photos in the coming minutes, hours, and days. As well as hopes and prayers that even showier ones exist. I’m lighting candles as we speak. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy Flashing Legs at ‘Sam and Cat’ Premiere in London

You may not be a fan of Nickelodeon teen shows iCarly and Victorious, but many of you are probably more excited about the spin-off from those series, Sam and Cat, which will feature hottie starlet former sidekicks, Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy now front and center in the spotlight of their own new show. And you probably still won’t watch the show, but the promotional events around it will mean much more public exhibition of Ariana and Jennette, which is a very good thing.

First stop, London, for the premiere of their new show and a time to show off their legs on the red carpet. For those of you who have been pining over these two lustable scamps for some time now, this is a very good omen of things to come. Sure, Nick will keep them on a pretty type showy leash, but fame has a way of bringing out the sextastic moments in a young woman. We are very excited about the near future. Enjoy.

Jennette McCurdy Cutie and Katherine McPhee Booty Lead List of Things to Look at at the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

First off, once again this year, I have no clue what is the difference between the Creative Arts Emmy Awards and the regular old Emmy Awards which take place next Sunday. They both have red carpets and sextastic decked out celebrities and hand out Emmy Awards and they do so a week apart just to make everything super confusing. Needless to say, I decided to stop thinking and just started staring. That’s my typical reaction to confusion as well as all other mental states.

And that did present the opportunity to lay peeps upon such sights as Katherine McPhee flashing her booty in her gown, Malin Akerman doing the same, and Jennette McCurdy still trying to pull off her cutesy teen thing even though she’s no longer a teen and she’s got a very grown up woman’s body. I wonder if she won a Creative Arts Emmy for her chesty goodness. Now that would be an award show. Enjoy.

Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Bilson, and Jennette McCurdy Hottie Girl Power Up ‘The To Do List’ Premiere

Here’s one thing you can count on. Any time a common piece of everyday life lingo is translated into a film, it’s going to be a chick flick you probably don’t want to see. Marketing executives seem to think that women will respond to movie titles with the name of cute little novelty names. They’re pretty smart people, so they’re probably right. Still, this Aubrey Plaza flick The To Do List could’ve been called High School Girls Trying to Get Laid Before College and then girls would not have to drag their boyfriends to go see it when it’s out in theaters. Just saying.

Nevertheless, a chick flick always does bring out the chicks, and that’s a good thing, like the film’s lead Aubrey Plaza, along with her buddy Rachel Bilson and ever perky Jennette McCurdy. You could do worse at your home movie night than having these three lovely ladies running around your digs. Enjoy.

Jennette McCurdy Getting All Grow’d Up in Regard Magazine

I know the lust for our getting grown up Disney and Nick starlets runs deep in these parts, including most definitely the bubbly blonde Jennette McCurdy who you all write me many letters inquiring about, usually letters in crayon or Magic Marker.

Featured in the current Regard magazine, Jennette doesn’t exactly break as loose as we’d like her to be, or guess that she is in private, still this is most definitely a step in the right direction for the chesty blonde. We’re seeing more of Jennette being slightly naughty on social media of late. Now, more grown up photoshoots. What comes next is anybody’s guess, and, for many of you, an unwieldy dream. Enjoy.