Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher, Sofia Vergara, Amy Adams, And Other Hotties at the 2014 SAG Awards

While you were watching football, there were about a half dozen more Hollywood Award shows. In the very least, guys get to spread their tux costs across numerous appearances I suppose. And, far more importantly, we get to see our sextastic ladies of celebrity strutting their finest wares on the crimson carpet. It truly is the great upside to this season of self-congratulations.

Thespianics take the SAG Awards quite seriously as that is the Guild of your theatrical types. It’s their own cohorts voting on who among them emotes the finest, and everybody who is anybody in the acting world attends, including, most leer-worthy, ginger hottie Isla Fisher, her ginger peer Amy Adams, Sofia Vergara who never doesn’t look outrageously hot on the carpet, Ariel Winter rather busty, Morena Baccarin so fine, Maria Menounos ever delicious, and Michelle Dockery, slender but spectacular. Then a bunch of awards were handed out, agents were thanked, and people who cry for a living cried. It was special. Enjoy.

Isla Fisher Is a Post Workout Vision in Ginger

Isla Fisher really deserves more attention, and if you’re not going to give it to her, then I am going to make up for the rest of you. This underrated ginger hottie flies beneath the radar, but she sets off all kinds of happy beeping sounds in my libido any time I see her long flowing red hair and a little bit of Spandex on her body.

Sure, you’re probably thinking I’d like to lay down with her in a biblically impure sense, and you might be right, but just because I’d like to cover her entire body in butter then discover slowly over the course of days if I’m lactose intolerant, doesn’t mean I can’t be an objective judge of her out-and-about hot mommy looks. And in my professional opinion — want Isla Fisher badly. Enjoy.

Isla Fisher Working Out in Stretch Pants, There’s Nothing I Don’t Love About This Ginger

I honestly could watch Isla Fisher go about her daily routine, maybe take in some visual inventory up and down her body a few times an hour, and be a perfectly crazy happy man. There’s nothing not alluring about this underrated redhead with a penchant for turning the ordinary into a girl-next-door lust crush type moment.

Watching Isla going to the gym in blessed stretch pants, even well covered, well it was easy to imagine how delightful she would shine a good thirty minutes into her sweaty workout with her celebrity friends at Tracy Anderson’s fitness studio. Oh, to be the towel and locker room boy at that facility. Not that really have any official changing area. I should know from seventeen hours of binocular scanning this past weekend alone. It’s like the Fort Knox of the celebrity sextastic, complete with one super fine redhead in yoga pants. Enjoy.

Will You Still Love Isla Fisher If She Wore Boring Gray Panties?

It’s decision time. You know where I stand. While I’d dream of underrated ginger topped Isla Fisher wearing lacy sweet silky little nothings, when the wind blows by her short skirt to reveal some laundry day boring panties am I going to complain? Nay, I see any opportunity to peek up and under the Scottish lass as a blessing of Mother Nature. Where some people see drab, I smell opportunity. I mean, not literally, though were I in London over the weekend when Isla’s skirt did fly skyward, I suppose I might have been arrested trying to do just that.

I have a big time crush on Isla Fisher. Unless I peek up her skirt to find my old high school gym shorts, nothing is going to curb my inner piqued interest. She is a doll and a half. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Isla Fisher, and Other Hotties at the Movies This Weekend

Okay, so they won’t be exactly nekkid, but if you’re going to the movies this weekend, you will most definitely still have an assortment of celebrity sextastic to see onscreen, including Selena Gomez in Aftershock, Isla Fisher in Gatsby, and Kerry Washington in Yet Another Tyler Perry Movie.

It’s all good. And air-conditioned. Look for me in the back row. But two seat separation please. In the least. Enjoy.

Isla Fisher Overlooked Ginger Hotness Definitely Worth Ogling

One EgoReader once wrote me accusing me of loving any ‘ginger with a heartbeat’. That seems so crass and so utterly wrong. He completely forgot the word ‘hottie’. Any ginger hottie with a heartbeat. Oh, yes. Most definitely yes. And falling well into that category, though often tragically overlooked, Isla Fisher, spunky redheaded underrated hottie, showing off some of her wares outside Good Morning America.

How Isla Fisher never makes anybody’s personal Hollywood making of the sexy time bucket list, I don’t know. But she’s on mine. In two places. As one time I’d like to be sweet. And the other time truly memorably naughty. It’s the ginger hair. It doth inspire. As does Isla’s sextastic girl next door body and looks. If only she were next door, I could begin operation Peeping on Isla Nightly. Alas, this will have to do for now. Enjoy.

That’s Isla Fisher’s Butt. She’s Also Covered Topless On Her Latest Film Set

We do so dig Isla Fisher. Naughty minxy kind of Scottish-Aussie-Euro mix of curvy grown up goodness. So when we heard she was in a bikini in the water filming for a new Elmore Leonard-based movie in Florida, we knew we’d get to see something quite nice. And we did. Most notably Isla’s wet bikini bottom being plucked out of the water, before the production assistants could cover her in towels. And another nice shot of Isla sunbathing face down without her top on.

Jennifer Aniston is also in this movie, so you know there will be pokies. But the chance to see Isla’s wet bandonkadonk, makes us already eager to see this future film. Enjoy.