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Holly Henderson Topless Photoshoot in Loaded Magazine
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I feel like the WAG moniker is getting a bit tarnished these days as it becomes so easily interchanged with just plain old-fashioned locker room wenches. Wife and Girlfriend should have some meaning beyond just chick who bangs around a lot with professional athletes, not that there’s anything wrong with that, either as a hobby or professionally speaking. Somebody needs to keep the wheels of the sports world greased for the big games. But a WAG? That seems to connote some level of reciprocal admission by the dude in question. Like, ‘yeah, she’s my lady’ level of commitment.

Enter the curious case of Holly Henderson. A woman who seems to be attempting the Kardashian track to British celebrity-dom by way of getting around with pro athletes and working it into a reality show career. A WAG or just something that rhymes with WAG but stars with S-L but we are too gentlemanly to utter aloud. Nevertheless, this by no means does not mean we will not be checking out Holly Henderson in her Confessions of a WAG pictorial in this month’s Loaded magazine. I mean, moral judgements are pretty damn boring, but hot flashing funbags, they’re always in season. And Holly Henderson’s seasonals are reason enough to put her on our radar. Enjoy.

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Holly Henderson Picnics With Her Melons In a London Park

I’ll say this for Holly Henderson, she’s milking the shizz out of her fifteen minutes of fame.

The British model who signed up for the controversial reality show where she and other hot girls find sugar daddies to buy them crap (yep, that’s a show) first turned her new found fame into sideline banging time with the supposedly attached Manchester City football star, Mario Balotelli, and subsequently has got herself into a ‘followed 24 x 7 by the paps’ situation that she is turning into a Holly Henderson shows off in skimpy outfits kind of recurring theme. It’s kind of off-putting, and, yet, I can’t deny delighting in the show as it continues, specifically, in the park, sucking on ice cream cones in very low cut dresses, flashing her almost-summer melons for the photo snappers.

Sweet funbags do make almost any venture worthwhile. Enjoy.

Holly Henderson Flashing Panties Doing Cartwheels in a London Park

Holly Henderson Topless Lingerie Shoot Ought to Help Clear Up Her Reputation

Holly Henderson Topless Lingerie Photoshoot
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She’s shagging Premiere League soccer stars, she’s starring in skanktastic reality shows about sugar babies who use men for money, and, now, apparently, she’s receiving nasty death threats through Twitter (which, for the record, kind of mean you’ve arrived to an extent). But, through it all, Britty bombshell Holly Henderson has managed to maintain her good cheer, her firm resolve, and, her dignity, but she has lost all of her clothes for the cameras, natch.

How better to fight catcalls of personal turpitude than by stripping down to your silky underthings, and even less, and flashing your buttery hooters for all the world to see, at least, all the world on Egotastic! to see. Holly Henderson has a plan. Ignore the trash, and provide more flash, and if that means we get to see the platinum hottie all kinds of topless, we have to say, we highly agree with this strategy. Enjoy.

Holly Henderson Makes Buying a Pregnancy Test Sexy Again

We just met  Holly Henderson, glamour model turned ‘other woman’ of Man City’s soccer star, Mario Balotelli, earlier this week and already she’s buying pregnancy tests at the store? Wow, she moves quickly. I feel like we should’ve at least got to second base before having to watch our girl pee on a stick.

The sextastic photo model didn’t seem to hide much of anything as she purchased her pregnancy test in the store, erotically consumed a banana, and bent over to pick up several items in the street — the trifecta of teasing if you will (with the pregnancy test part being more of a heart stopper than a tease). While Holly Henderson remains a hottie we’re keeping our eye on, if I was the wealthy athlete knocking boots with her on the side, I might just have a lump in my throat right about now. Enjoy.

Holly Henderson Works Out Her 32FF Kinks in Public

Who is Holly Henderson? Well, if you’ve heard of her, it’s probably in relation to her much talked about fling with Manchester City forward ‘Super’ Mario Balotelli (not to be confused with Mario Batali, the fat chef in the clogs who rips off his wine servers) or you may have seen her in previous pinup modeling efforts flashing her 32FF cups. Or, maybe you’ve not seen her ever before, but now you’re about to because she’s part of perhaps the lamest reality show in the history of lame reality shows, about super hot busty girls getting dudes to buy them shizz because they’re super hot and busty. And, no, I’m not kidding, and, yes, I’m probably going to watch.

Well, if you’re going to be pimping your hot body for goods in a competition show, you’ve got to get that hot body into super shape, as Holly Henderson did in a very public outdoor workout yesterday in the old country, showing that even big-topped girls can get their workout on, while also showing that tube tops never really should’ve gone out of style for large chested women.

Welcome Holly Henderson. I suspect we’ll be seeing much more of you shortly. Enjoy.