Hilary Duff

The Duff Sisters Hit All the Sisterly Fantasy Marks

Oh, celebrity sisters, thy fetish fantasies you do incite.

Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff hit the gym or spa or spa gym or wherever celebrity girls who are just a tad chunky, but cute, hit after they slap on the lycra and tank tops, grab their expensive  handbags, and climb into their BMWs. Granted, Hilary Duff is already pregnant, so we're delving into double triple kinkiness, but I'm willing to bend my old-fashioned morals to play the role of Meat, in the production of the Duff Sisters Sandwich. The only thing left to decide -- before or after a good sweat? So many choices. Enjoy.

Side Show

Olivia Wilde shows sideboob in the UK. (Celebuzz)

Danielle Staub backs out of her stripping deal. (HuffPo)

Uncle Jesse gives dating advice. (CollegeHumor)

Maggie Gyllenhaal orgasm documentary. (FoxNews)

Kate Moss looking medieval hot. (GossipCenter)

Some good ol' fashioned downblouse pictures. (TheChive)

Hilary Duff cleans up quite nicely. (Popoholic)

Battle Danskin: Padma Lakshmi vs. Hilary Duff in A Fight Over Workout Sextastic

Now here's a fight I'd like to see proven out in the ring. I mean, assuming that ring were my bedroom and I got to be the water and towel boy for both opponents. Mmm, sweaty hot girl fights. Padma Lakshmi, who I lust like a lonely shepherd lusts his least resistant ewe, and Hilary Duff, who as Lizzie McGuire taught me so many valuable lessons about being a man, especially when the sound was on mute, both bedecked in their Danskin workout gear for an epic athletic clawing battle to the finish of who can look sexiest sweatiest. Wow. It almost makes me want to do a pushup or something crazy like that. Enjoy.

Sweater Puppies

Miley Cyrus tweets some excellent cleavage. (DrunkenStepfather)

Vanessa Hudgens is a sexy hippie. (Celebuzz)

Kim Kardashian Goes to Booty Boot Camp. (HuffPo)

Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff double swimsuit awesomeness. (GossipCenter)

Jenny McCarthy sister playing lingerie basketball. (TMZ)

Mario sits down with his agent. (CollegeHumor)

Jennifer Love Hewitt unleashes über cleavage. (Popoholic)

Celeb Hottie Twitpic Madness: Hilary Duff ‘Owling’, Adrianne Curry (Covered) Topless, and Maria Menounos All Over Tan

As you know, celebrity Twitpics are one of the greatest modern day ogler-friendly phenomenons -- the sextastic pics come right to us. It's like manna from Heaven. Or, if you will, the sober version of celebrity cell phone picture scandals. A few Twitpics came out over the weekend, just demanding a second, third, and fourth look.

Hilary Duff Poses in 'Owling' PositionWhy do I find this so damn hot? Yes, I'm into every known fetish under the sun (or moons), but this 'owling' nonsense is just as idiotic as 'planking' before it. Posing in a thoughtful squat for a random photo was probably fun up until about the fifth grade, when you discovered grown up music, drugs, and the opposite sex. And, yes, I am a grumpy old man. But, I must admit, seeing Hilary Duff squatting on her dining room table? It's kind of making me hungry.

Adrianne Curry Barely Covering Her Big Boobs While TanningWherefore art thou, Peter Brady? Separation and pending divorce, not to mention loss of frequent diner card privileges at Koo Koo Roo, have not slowed up hot-bodied Adrianne Curry from twipicking her amazing boobtastic and flesh-curves out to the known universe. And, thank goodness for that. I've always suspected that Adrianne Curry's primary avocation was suntanning; this helps confirm it. Next stop, Comic-Con.

Maria Menounos is Hot and Tan and DelightfulMaria Menounos, we simply don't ever see enough of you. Your previous bikini picture candids have certainly thrilled us with some lovely slips, and while this Twipic remains fairly tame, it does remind me of how often I use you in the deep recesses of my brain between 3:04 AM and 3:07 AM most sleepnights. Ironically, that's a good two minutes more time than you'd have if we were together in the flesh. Enjoy.

Hilary Duff Bikini Pictures For Your Italian Full-Bodied Vacation Delight

Yes, sure, Lizzie McGuire has packed on a few lbs. since her Disney days, but, I kind of like it. With so many skinny mini Hollywood celebrities, I'm not turning my back, nay, I'm turning my ogle eyes right toward those newly buxom bosoms in these Hilary Duff bikini pictures from The Boot where she's vacationing with her husband. Sometimes, mo' body is better body. Hilary Duff is looking great. Enjoy.

Honey Do

Hilary Duff shows off her melons. (Celebuzz)

Beyonce takes on an Italian pop star. (HuffPo)

Damn it, Kim Kardashian. (FoxNews)

Kendra Wilkinson in a bikini. (PopEater)

Anna Kournikova cracks the whip. (GossipCenter)

Arizona State undie run! (TheChive)

Ali Larter hot MILF body. (DrunkenStepfather)