Hilaria Thomas

Hilaria Thomas Knocked Up by Alec Baldwin But Still Sporting Bikini in New Orleans

I guess once you marry a guy, there’s little scandal in being knocked up with his baby, even if he is twice your age. So it goes for yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, now Hilaria Baldwin, who carries the offspring of 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin in her babymaking parts somewhere, none of which deterred her from baring her body in a bikini in New Orleans over the Super Bowl weekend.

Now, we have zero problem with older men marrying younger women, or even breeding until the day they can no longer sire, in fact, it remains our plan for the golden years because we can never foresee a day when making many babies with hot young women becomes a chore of any kind. So, good on you, Alec. And good on you, crunchy natural yoga instructor Hilaria for showing off the amorous offshoot of your much older man to the whole world. Enjoy.

Hilaria Thomas Flashes Some Newlywed Skin In the Big Apple

Fresh off her marriage to actor Alec Baldwin over the weekend, yoga instructor and all-around trophy wife Hilaria Thomas flashed some confident skin as she bought some fruits to keep up her new man’s sustenance just 48 hours after their betrothal.

Now, here’s what I would have told Alec if I could have spoken to him prior to his headlong re-plunge into marriage. Girls with funny sounding names that look like this girl and teach fitness, well, they’re going to take you for a lot of dough someday. Not to put a damper on the marriage spirits or such. It’s just a fact. However, we here at Egotastic! are well aware of the manner in which a brain goes numb when you’re banging a yoga instructor half your age and she’s calling you daddy and begging you not to hurt her with your giant ‘upward facing dog’.

The point being, men are stupid. Godspeed, Alec Baldwin.

Hilaria Thomas Flashes Her Bare Bottom Apples in the Big Apple

Who is Hilaria Thomas? She’s the hottie young yoga instructor that Alec Baldwin is marrying shortly for his umpteenth wife. And, yes, when you’re a big TV and movie star, you get to boink the stuffing out of your young yoga instructor, even marry her if you so absentmindedly choose to do so.

But, more to the point, or points, or curves really as Hilaria took to the sweltering streets of New York today in a light, loose, sheer dress, only to learn a little too late about the Manhattan trade winds that come with the heat, and, well, buns away! Hilaria put on quite the asstastic performance for the ogling public. Hey, when you’re a yoga fitness instructor, the good news is you’re pretty much going to look sweet no matter how badly your wardrobe malfunctions. Buns o’ hotness. Enjoy.