Haley King

Sara Jean Underwood Asstastic, Haley King Cleavetastic, and Kelly Brook Bikinis Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

It’s warm and muggy all over this darn Northern Hemisphere this time of year, meaning less and less reason for our favorite sexy celebs to be wearing much clothing, especially during their private time moments, when some of them just look so hot, they need to share themselves with the world. And share they did again this week with some truly amazingly self-expressive and self-skin-revealing photos along the social media outlets. We picked our favorites in a little something we like to call the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup.

This week’s Roundup includes Haley King so bosomy in her bikini, Kelly Brook in multiple bikini show-off shots, Ashley Sky covered topless modeling, Bella Thorne working her own bikini coming up time, Draya Michelle with a super fine workout body, Irina Shayk sweating and stretching, and many more. You owe it to the crestfallen Carlos Danger to check out each and every one of these sweetly hot selfies. Enjoy.

Haley King and Giada De Laurentiis Highlight the Boobtastic Goodness at Daytime Emmy Awards

There’s a thing called the Daytime Emmy Awards. Think of it as the Emmy Awards, but strictly for unemployed heavier set people who watch a lot of TV during the day. To be fair, that group also includes relatively slender stoners, retired police officers, and working bartenders. Still, it’s mostly shows most people have never heard of winning awards. Talk shows, judge shows, soaps, cooking and lifestyle shows, and yadda yadda yadda.

BUT, there is definitely something to be said for the hotness of some of the winners and attendees over the weekend, most notably the boobtastic faptastic displays put on by young busty Haley King, and veteran cleavetastic queen, Giada de Laurenttis. Both ladies brought some serious chest skin exhibition game to the award show. It’s almost enough to make me want to take up daytime television watching. I do so love my couch and Bugles. Enjoy.

Rihanna’s Shiny Arse, Sara Jean Underwood Cleave, and Haley King Chest Puppies Highlight This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

We have many blessings here at Egotastic!, tidings and trends that we feel like lucky little boys receiving their prized train set on Christmas morning kind of lucky. And this trend of sextastic celebrities clicking their own revealing pics for public publishing, it really is some kind of gift from on high. Throw in the fact that that circle of egotistic Egotastic! favorites circle ever widens, and we are feeling the kiss of benevolence. Now, onto the show…

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes a brand newcomer (hopefully never leaver) Haley King throwing her delicious teen puppies into the ring, Rihanna showing off in a bikini, pixie-perfect Sara Jean Underwood curvaceous delights, Katy Perry hanging with a lizard, McKayla Maroney and Taylor Swift in innocence we’d like to corrupt, Kari Byron chesty goodness, and much much more. Go find your favorite. And, enjoy.

Haley King Cleavetastic Skydiving (VIDEO)

Haley Is Going Down While We Are Rising

You, me, we, all fallen deep in lust with Haley King this past week. So, this  truly is a blessing…

Thanks to EgoReader ‘Dana’ for providing this oddly epic chance to go skydiving with the low-cut tank-top wearing Haley King as she takes the plunge from high high heights and we get to leer leer leer at her noteworthy mammaries. Of course, you’re going to find yourself rather jealous of the tandem diver who ultimately gets to mount her on her descent toward mother earth, but, I bet you still enjoy.

Haley King Bikini Pictures from Miami To Kick Off Our New Lust Crush

Oh, sure, the cynics among you will say that our brand new infatuation with Selena Gomez teen thespianic chick buddy Haley King is merely a result of our eyes feasting upon Haley’s not larger than we like bosom and her nubile young Hollywood body, and, well, those cynics would be right. But in the 24 hours since our incredibly profound feelings for the Hollywood Heights actress has developed, we’ve taking a strong all-over liking to Haley, beyond just her fantabulous funbags and beyond just the superficial, to elements such as her nice booty and her toned and shapely legs. We like a girl for what’s on the inside, or, at least, on her underside. And Haley King has got it going on.

It was tough to collect Haley King bikini photos from her vacation together with Selena this week in Miami, but, trust me, the paparazzi are about to shift focus to this curvaceous up-and-comer. This is the power of you the collective readers on Egotastic! Enjoy.

Selena Gomez’ Massive Mammary Mystery Friend Unveiled: Haley King

We love our readers, the most educated entertainment site viewers on the entire web, statistically speaking, and nothing if not helpful in tracking down the name behind the big funbags.

Earlier today we commented slashes ogled the noteworthy sized knockers of the unknown blonde girl accompanying Selena Gomez out of Miami through the airport. Well, a ton of you (thanks to you all) let us know that the massive mammary mystery friend in shades was none other than barely legal teen actress Haley King, who got her start as the little girl in Spielberg’s A.I., and now plays the mean hottie school bitch on the Nick at Nite show, Hollywood Heights. She may be hiding the face, but apparently those double stacks were just too much of a giveaway.

Consider us instantaneous Haley King fans! Check her out at the Nylon magazine party from earlier this summer, and enjoy.