Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger Shows Of Midriff In Rimmel London Ad

Georgia May Jagger revealed her perfectly muscled stomach in a shoot for Rimmel London. Mick Jagger’s little girl is all grown up and looking smoking hot in these pics. We talk a lot about breasteses and booties abut we don’t discuss the wonders of the bare midriff enough. Especially if it is as perfect as Georgia’s washboard stomach. Add to that the fact that she has both a lovely bosom and a gorgeous face and you’ve got yourself a magical combination. Bare midriff, however isn’t all about the stomach. It goes all the way around and, with her low slung jeans, you get the hint of the top of booty. This is also an under appreciated patch of skin. Why do you think people find a lower back tattoo so damn hot?

She certainly got her model mother Jerry Hall’s looks but she got her dad’s swagger.

Georgia May Jagger Rubs the Lotion On Its Skin (In a Bikini Too!)

I’m beginning to fall pretty deep in lust with Georgia May Jagger. Despite many of you who can’t get over images of her dad, I’m telling you, this is no Bruce Willis daughter. No offense to the Willis daughters, naturally. Georgia May Jagger is a beauty in her own right, maybe she’s not your perfect girl, which is fine, less competition for me.

The next generation celebrity model was taking a break from, well, modeling I guess, hanging out in Miami and rubbing suntan lotion all over her bikini body. It certainly made me resend my lotion boy application to her inbox. It’s a job I’m not only suited for, but one for which I would toil for free. Heck, I’d pay to serve. And I have a clean driving record, minus a few accidents not totally my fault. Georgia May, check your spam box, you’ll see 992 messages from me, each uniquely written. My bags are packed and my hands are pre-warmed. Enjoy.

Georgia May Jagger Is Getting Hotter and Hotter

No offense to Sticky Fingers, but Mick’s greatest work may very well be Georgia May Jagger. If I’m not mistaken, this young second generation is growing in sextastic appeal by the day.

Snapped leaving some fancy fashion event in Milan, Georgia May Jagger is making a case for her name to be known in its own right, and definitely moving up the ranks of world class hotties. I suppose there will always be a major pro and con effect in regard to being a celebrity offspring, but with the sextastic appeal that Georgia May is exuding these days, along with her sensibilities in regard to showy modeling, I’m predicting she’s on most every guy’s Top 10 list within the next couple of years. Granted, my predictions generally suck, but I’m feeling very Nina Agdal-ish about this one. Enjoy.

Georgia May Jagger Cute Hot Bikini Time in Miami

Well, hello Georgia May Jagger. The model-type offspring of the Rolling Stones singer was looking quite the alluring blonde in pink and white at the beach in Miami. Not quite looking like the suntanned South Florida native, but for a British girl, doing quite alright by the midday sun.

Georgia May Jagger is just another example of the axiom that rock stars who reproduce with much better looking women tend to produce good looking offspring. If Mick had spawned with some rough-looking bird, you don’t get Georgia May Jagger. This is how nature provides for wealthy and famous men to have hot looking daughters. I love nature. Enjoy.

Georgia May Jagger Gap Toothed and Lingerie Clad for Terry Richardson

That lucky bastard photographer is at it again. This time he has Rolling Stone heiress and model hottie in her own right, Georgia May Jagger in his white-walled studio for happy fun time photos.

Georgia May gets down to a little silliness, but also some severe sextastic in her lingerie, flinging about the some good looks and some alluring expressions. It’s enough to make me jealous of Terry, desirous of Georgia May, and all-around wishing I would tug on her suspenders just a little bit. Enjoy.

Georgia May Jagger Covered Topless Hotness in Lui

Sometimes, I still find it hard to believe that Mick Jagger sired the likes of Georgia May Jagger and her model hotness. It says something for the power of women, even in the passing on of the dominant good looking genes. I’m certain Georgia May is thankful for that. As are we, taking another peek at the lust-inducing young model, this time covered topless on the pages of Lui magazine.

It’s not that hard-looking rockstars don’t routinely produce pretty good looking offspring, aided by sleeping with the hot girls who do love even hard-looking rockstars. It’s just that it seems so incredibly unfair for them to get both. In summary, I’m jealous. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook and Georgia May Jagger Make the British Fashion Awards Interesting for Men

If there’s two thing I love, it’s super sexy celebrities and… actually, it may just be one thing I love, since my pet turtle Paco ran out on me. Thankfully the singularly focused love came in pairs at last night’s British Fashion Awards, where the always expectedly hot Kelly Brook joined forces with a pleasant sextastic surprise in the form of Georgia May Jagger, the youngest of Mick’s kids, and an aspiring late teen model herself now. While we here at Egotastic! know crapola about fashion, we can report to you that all men present were disrobing Kelly Brook in their minds, while some dirty old men at heart such as myself were wondering just how much sideboob the lithesome Georgia May was going to reveal beneath her gown.

I’m sure it was a wonderful for evening for British fashion. Seemed like it at least. I know it was an amazing night for a dose of dual hotness from my two virtual dates to the swank affair. Enjoy.