Georgia May Jagger Is Getting Hotter and Hotter

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bill-swift - February 26, 2014

No offense to Sticky Fingers, but Mick's greatest work may very well be Georgia May Jagger. If I'm not mistaken, this young second generation is growing in sextastic appeal by the day.

Snapped leaving some fancy fashion event in Milan, Georgia May Jagger is making a case for her name to be known in its own right, and definitely moving up the ranks of world class hotties. I suppose there will always be a major pro and con effect in regard to being a celebrity offspring, but with the sextastic appeal that Georgia May is exuding these days, along with her sensibilities in regard to showy modeling, I'm predicting she's on most every guy's Top 10 list within the next couple of years. Granted, my predictions generally suck, but I'm feeling very Nina Agdal-ish about this one. Enjoy.